Upcoming Price Increase for NEW Plex Pass Subscriptions

I love Plex and use it a ton.  Every member of my family enjoys streaming movies from the Mac Mini server I have setup just to run Plex.  It is for … Read »

RCA TV Line Expands with 12 New Models Now in Stores that Include Roku Streaming

The latest lineup of a dozen new RCA Televisions now come equipped with Roku streaming capability, thanks to the pre-installed Roku Steaming Stick (Ro… Read »

How Does the Amazon Fire TV Match Up?

By now you’ve likely heard about Amazon’s release of their all new Fire TV streaming box.  You can learn all about it here.  In a recent… Read »

Roku Wins the Plex Battle in my Home

We’re a huge Plex household.  If you’re not familiar with Plex you can learn more about it here.  Essentially Plex allows us to keep a l… Read »

Introducing Logitech Harmony Smart Control

Your smartphone is now a remote control.  Control your home theater devices from the iPhone or Android mobile phone you already own. Anyone in the ho… Read »

Sceptre Outs Roku Ready 47-inch LED HDTV with MHL Technology

Sceptre, superior manufacturers of world class LED and LCD HDTVs and PC displays, unveils their Roku Ready 47-inch LED with MHL (Mobile High-Definitio… Read »

Sceptre Makes Home Theater Integration Easier with MHL Technology

Sceptre, superior manufacturers of world class LED and LCD HDTVs and PC displays, makes home theater integration easier by incorporating MHL (Mobile H… Read »

hh gregg 64 LG TV Giveaway

In honor of the NCAA Mens Basketball Tournament hh gregg and LG have teamed up to give away 64 televisions, one each to represent the 64 teams in the … Read »

Rapoo TV Unveiled at CES 2013

Rapoo, a leading manufacturer of wireless peripheral products, announces Rapoo TV – a receiver and remote solution to make any HDTV “smart”. Rap… Read »

CES 2013: LG Takes Wraps of Massive 84″ TV

If you’ve ever been to CES you know that TVs take up a lot of the space and get much of the attention.  This was purely evident last night at C… Read »

Sceptre Announces Availability of Energy Efficient 1080P 32-inch LCD HDTV

Sceptre, superior manufacturers of world class LED and LCD HDTVs and PC displays, has unveiled their newest 32-inch LCD HDTV designed to provide super… Read »

Sceptre Adds 32-inch Unit to Family of LED HDTVs with Built-In DVD Player

Sceptre, has announced the availability of their newest LED HDTV with built-in DVD player, a 32-inch unit featuring surround sound audio capability an… Read »

Convert Any HDTV Into a SmartTV For Under $50 with SmartStick by FAVI

FAVI Entertainment, creators of innovative audiovisual products, has announced today a ground-breaking way to enhance HDTV’s with SmartStick. This s… Read »

Best Buy TV Saga: Update

Did you read about the less than satisfactory experience I’ve been having with Best Buy this week regarding the delivery of my new TV?  If you … Read »

Want to Know Why Best Buy is Failing? Here’s Why….

Best Buy hasn’t been exactly receiving positive press of late.  Whether it’s untrue or not a simple Google search will yield countless ru… Read »

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