Sony Announces March 9th PlayStation Vita Media Event

Despite PlayStation Vita sales already eclipsing 1.2 million, Sony is hoping it can grab the attention of even more gamers next week with a special on… Read »

PS Vita Tip: How To Take a Screenshot

So, you’ve got a new Playstation Vita and want to show off your accomplishments to your friends? Trying to take a photo of the Vita’s ultr… Read »

PS Vita: Unboxing

I’m a launch day addict and I have no problem admitting that. About a year ago, I triumphantly walked out of Target at 8:05am with a just-releas… Read »

How To: Upgrade Your PS3 Hard Drive

When I was finally able to get my hands on a shiny, new Playstation 3 four or five years ago, I went all out and got the top-end 60GB version. 60GB on… Read »

Long Live the PSP®go!

Well, sort of. Technically, yesterday’s report of Sony killing off the PSPgo is true… in Japan. Gaming news site EuroGamer is reporting So… Read »

Sony Takes a Shot at Used Game Sales

Not to be outdone by EA’s “Online Pass” system, Sony has unveiled the upcoming version of their flagship shooter, SOCOM 4, will incl… Read »

PSP®go -ing, Going, Gone.

It’s official. The PSPgo is dead. Sony Japan has declared “shipment ended” for the handheld console on their website. However, Sony … Read »

Location Awareness Coming to Sony’s NGP from Skyhook

Skyhook, creators of a location-aware software engine, has announced their technology will be embedded in Sony’s recently unveiled next-generati… Read »

Sony Details Plans

Sony recently announced their plans to release a PC-server application for the Playstation Move system, called, to encourage homebrew game and… Read »

Ngmoco Boss Slams Handheld Consoles

During a recent interview with Industry Gamers, the head of mobile game publisher Ngmoco, Neil Young, threw out some harsh words about current and upc… Read »

Sony Follows Microsoft’s Lead, Opens Move Controller to PC

As we reported previously, Microsoft is launching an SDK for Kinect this Spring. Hoping to ride the momentum of home-brew development (and not to be o… Read »

Sony Announces Big Playstation Home Update

At this week’s Game Developers’ Conference, Sony unveiled the next major update to Playstation Home – version 1.5. The upcoming upda… Read »

Sony Slashes PSP Price – Updates Greatest Hits/Favorites

In a recent blog post, Sony revealed that, after selling over 67 million units worldwide, the price of the Playstation Portable (PSP) is dropping to $… Read »

Sony Announces U.S. Launch of New “Music Unlimited powered by Qriocity™” Service

In a press release yesterday, Sony announced a new cloud-based music service offering users access to over 6 million songs from “a constantly gr… Read »

Sony “Playstation Certified” Tablet Surfaces

Engadget is reporting details of an upcoming Playstation Certified Sony tablet. Details are still pretty scarce since the device is still early in dev… Read »

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