id America Wall St. Laptop Clutch

Are there times when you need to go minimalistic with your gear?  Say carry just your laptop?  A laptop sleeve or clutch is a great way… Read »

SHARKK Compact High-Precision Wireless Optical Mouse

Do you prefer the use of a mouse instead of the trackpad built into your laptop computer? Or perhaps you dislike the mouse that came with… Read »

Snupped SpaceSuit Laptop Sleeve

A laptop sleeve is a great way to keep your portable computer protected during transport without weighing yourself down with a gigantic laptop bag.  … Read »

Booq Delivers the Ideal Every Day Laptop Messenger Bag, the New Boa courier

Booq, a leading brand of premium laptop bags, backpacks and iPad carrying cases, delivers their most comfortable and versatile bag to date, the new Bo… Read »

Twelve South introduces HiRise for MacBook, the first adjustable stand for MacBooks (and people) of all sizes

Twelve South has just announced its newest product, HiRise for MacBook, a height-adjustable stand that lets users turn their laptops into comfortable … Read »

Maingear Unveils the Nomad 17 Custom Gaming Laptop

MAINGEAR, an award-winning PC system builder offering custom desktops, notebooks, and workstations is unveiling the new NOMAD 17 custom notebook as… Read »

Video Cygnett Aerosphere Sleeve for Laptops

If you’ve got a laptop you probably take it everywhere.  I mean, hey, that’s part of the reason of getting a portable computer in the fir… Read »

Get Ready for Mac Heist #4

Do you like solving puzzles?  Do you like free stuff?  Then the Mac Heist is for you.  The formula is simple.  You download a puzzle (for iPhone, … Read »

Video RadTech OmniStand, iPad & Portable Computer Stand

I’ve tried a few laptop stands for my MacBook Air and always run into an issue with cooling.  Most of the stands I’ve used do no offer a … Read »

Video intel 330 240GB SSD

I’m pretty sure once you’ve used a computer with a solid state hard drive you’ll never go back to using one with a traditional drive… Read »

Video Keep that Screen Clean with Products from Antec

Antec makes a wide range of product.  That large selection even applies to their sub-category of offerings as well.  The company makes three differe… Read »

AOC Portable USB Powered 16″ Monitor

Road warriors take note, there’s a pretty cool accessory on the way from AOC.  This 16″ monitor requires only a single USB connection for… Read »

Booq Combines Luxury With Durability. The Result? The Cobra Pack

Booq is well know for making super functional and ultra stylish bags and cases for a wide range of devices.  Their latest offering combines luxury wi… Read »

Diamond Multimedia Powerline Internet HP200 AV Kit

I’m sure you’ve heard me mention it before.  Every computer my wife seems to use in our house always has WiFi connection issues.  Droppe… Read »

Diamond Multimedia WR300N Wireless Range Extender

As homes continue to grow larger and larger so does the need for more powerful wireless routers.  Our house isn’t what I’d call small, at… Read »

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