Just Mobile Mtable

Last summer I made the move to a MacBook Air, 13″.  When I’m at home I team it up with Apple’s 27″ Thunderbolt d… Read »

Just Mobile Releases AluPocket™ and AluDisc™

  Just Mobile Ltd., one of the leading brand of Apple accessories, today announced the global launch of the Just Mobile AluPocket™ and AluDisc… Read »

Just Mobile Releases AluBase and AluRack, Two Iconic and Practical Stands for Mac Users

Just Mobile Ltd., one of the leading brands of mobile accessories, today announced the global launch of the Just Mobile AluBase and AluRack, what the… Read »

Video TwelveSouth BackPack 2 for Mac

If you’ve got an iMac, Cinema Display or Thunderbolt Display, then TwelveSouth has got a must have accessory for you.  The new BackPack 2 creat… Read »

Twelve South Announces Major Redesign of its BackPack Shelf

Today, Twelve South, the manufacturers of fantastic products aimed solely at Apple products, has announced that it has redesigned their popular BackPa… Read »

TwelveSouth Updates HoverBar to work with New iPad

TwelveSouth wants you know that they’ve updated their popular Hover Bar accessory for the iMac making it compatible with not only the iPad 2 but… Read »

iMac Concept Mockup Features Touchscreen, Siri, Retina Display And More

I always enjoy looking at concept Apple products, even though many concepts are far from realistically releasing anytime soon. However, there is one c… Read »

BoinxTV- Ultimate Consumer Broadcasting!

Since I can remember I have always been fascinated with the how a video broadcast adds all the graphics to the show. For example, watching baseball on… Read »

More Tech at Saxbys: They’ve Got Computers Too!

  Yesterday was day five of my fist week at work and I was at Saxbys once again for my morning fix. This week I showed you some of the tech highl… Read »

Apple Releases $999 iMac For Students

Earlier this morning, Apple released a version of its popular iMac computer geared towards students. The new computer has a 21.5″ screen and car… Read »

Help Please: MacBook Pro or iMac?

I’m facing a bit of a dilemma and I was hoping you, the Run Around Tech readers, could help me out. I currently own a 2010 MacBook Pro 15″… Read »

eXpress Keyboard Platform Seeks to Marry Trackpad and Keyboard

I’ve tried at least two of the solutions on the market which are meant to hold the Apple Bluetooth keyboard and Magic Trackpad together and have… Read »

OS X Lion is Officially Here

Apple told the world during its quarterly update yesterday that the latest update to it’s computer operation system OS X would be available for … Read »

Decisions, Decisions…. MacBook Air or iMac?

I have a decision to make and I need your help.  I’m in the market for a new computer.  The problem is I’d like 2 but can only afford 1.… Read »

JailbreakMe 3.0 (iPad 2 Jailbreak) Could be released today!

If you head on over to you will find that the traditional Apple “We’ll be back soon” sticky note has been posted on … Read »