4th Design Aluminum Tripod Grip 5787 from

I’m pretty excited to bring you another product review from our newest site sponsor  If you’ve never checked o… Read »

id America CrossLink

A few weeks ago I brought you a review of the Poldera Candi Cord Tri.  My one complaint about the multi use cable is the fact that it do… Read »

Poldera Candi Cord Tri Universal Charger

When I go away on vacation my gear bag is always packed to the rim.  What takes up the most space inside?  Cables!  One for my iPhone, one for my i… Read »

The ChargeCard: A Super Slim USB Cable For Your Phone

You’ve got a wallet full of cards that’ll get you things. They’ll pay the check, get you library books, and snag that tenth sandwich for… Read »

AceAbove Magic Cable is the One Cable to Charge them All

The AceAbove Magic Cable Trio provides you with one cable to charge and sync your portable devices. With this 3 in 1 cable, you will experience ultra-… Read »

CableJive dockBoss5

Did you upgrade to the iPhone 5?  Have you found that your older 30-pin dock connector accessories won’t work?  While it’s true you can … Read »

Video Innova Technology PROTAG

Are you constantly losing track of your wallet, handbag, backpack or briefcase?  The Protag is a  new loss prevention device which you can simply sl… Read »

PowerSkin Launches First Battery Case for BlackBerry Z10, Also Featuring NFC Technology

PowerSkin®, maker of shock-absorbing, battery-boosting cases for smartphones and gaming accessories, debuted the first NFC-enabled battery case for t… Read »

Pure.Gear Car Charger with USB port for iPhone 5

As someone who owns both an iPhone 5 and a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 I needed to find a proper solution which would allow me to charge either device while… Read »

The Suede Jacket™ Blackberry Z10 Sleeve Unveiled by WaterField Designs

WaterField Designs, an innovative leader in locally-manufactured, laptop sleeve s and designer bags and cases for digital gear, announces the Suede Ja… Read »

Video NRGDECK PowerBank 5000

Do you mobile devices, phone, tablet, digital camera, mp3 player, etc. always seem to be running out of power?  What you need is an external battery.… Read »

Video NewTrent IMP120D and IMP52D External Batteries

I’m not sure about you but it seems for me these days the battery in my iPhone just never lasts long enough.  I know there’s nothing wron… Read »

Video iOttie Easy One Touch Universal Car Mount Holder

Looking for a simple way to mount your mobile phone inside your car?  The iOttie Easy One Touch Universal Car Mount Holder not only attaches safely a… Read »

Video Universal Charger IDAPT i4

Do you own a lot of devices that need charging?  Just between my family alone I count 7 different iOS devices that regularly need recharging.  That&… Read »

Video Candi Cord From Poldera

I can almost bet you’ve had the problem where you’ve tried to use your cell phone or tablet while it’s plugged into a wall outlet bu… Read »

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