Rumor: New iPod touch Could Also Be Offered In White

According to some pictures released to 9to5mac the next gen iPod touch could be offered in both the black and white.  Of course nothing has been conf… Read »

Lodsys Now Going After Rovio, Atari, EA and Others In Patent Suit

Lodsys, the company that has made a spectacle for itself by dragging developers to court is at it again. This time Lodsys is adding Rovio, Atari, and … Read »

Video: First Look at the zBoost by Wi-Ex

Last month Larry and I made a day trip to New York City to check out fall version of Pepcom’s Digital Experience event. This is a much smaller … Read »

Apple TV to add bluetooth keyboard support in iOS 5 (Bout time!)

According to reports at 9to5mac when the 2nd generation Apple TV was released Apple added Bluetooth to the device however it was never enabled in the … Read »

JailbreakMe 3.0 (iPad 2 Jailbreak) Could be released today!

If you head on over to you will find that the traditional Apple “We’ll be back soon” sticky note has been posted on … Read »

iPhone Insurance For AT&T Coming July 17th

AT&T appears to be updating its insurance terms on July 17th and in the new terms the AT&T insurance will also cover the iPhone.  AT&T… Read »

e13ctron s4 Aluminum Acetal Hybrid case for iPhone 4

E13ctron is a pretty recent newcomer to the iPhone case market, but made a relatively big splash with their first release for the iPhone 4, the e13ctr… Read »

iPad 2 Jailbreak Bug Free And Ready To Roll Out Soon?

I am just as sick as everyone else is about hearing that the iPad 2 jailbreak is almost ready. However the wait for the jailbreak may end soon. Comex … Read »

Apex Armor CNC Machined Aluminum Bumper for iPhone 4

As some of you reading my reviews may have realized by now, I’m a sucker for aluminum/metal cases for my iPhone 4.  So naturally, when I see yet an… Read »

Happy Birthday iPhone 4!

One year ago today, People were packed in malls and outside retail stores to get there hands on the brand new iPhone 4. The lines were ridiculous an… Read »

Nexus S Headed to AT&T? Pre-Order for Sprint Now

It appears that there may be an AT&T version of the Nexus S on the horizon. Found on the Samsung website, the device that is listed as the GT-I902… Read »

Breaking: AT&T to Acquire T-Mobile USA from Deutsche Telekom

Here’s some fun news for a quiet Sunday afternoon. Wow, even being in the UK where this doesn’t really affect me, this is big news. AT&… Read »

AT&T Allowing iPad Upgraders to Keep Unlimited Data

Are you one of those lucky AT&T iPad users who still has the $30/month unlimited data plan? Well, your luck continues as AT&T has confirmed t… Read »

AT&T Gouging iPhone and iPad Customers?

iPhone user Patrick Hendricks has recently filed a lawsuit against AT&T, claiming unfair (and unlawful) billing practices against iPhone and iPad … Read »

T-Mobile Gives a Lesson in the iPhone 4’s Name

In a Recent commercial, T-Mobile Stated that the “4” in the name of the iPhone 4, doesn’t stand for it running on a 4G network. If y… Read »