Moshi ionbank 3K

The Moshi ionbank 3K is the company’s newest mobile accessory.  Available in three sizes (3K, 5K and 10K) the ionbank provides the ability to … Read »

Skech Universal Smartphone Wallet Case

  The Skech Universal Smartphone Wallet Case fits most any smartphone on the market, even with a case on.  Whether you own an  iPhone 6 or an … Read »

Fuz Designs EverDock

The Fuz Designs EverDock seeks to fix every single problem you’ve had with docks in the past. First, it works with virtually any device… Read »

Cheero Plate Cable

The Cheero Plate Cable, which is available in both a Lightning compatible version as well as a Micro USB version, allows you to bring alo… Read »

SCOSCHE® Unveils EZTIP Reversible Micro USB Connector and Product Line

SCOSCHE Industries, an award-winning innovator of consumer technology products and mobile accessories, is excited to unveil its new line of EZTIP™ p… Read »

On-demand iPhone trade-ins from iCracked

iCracked announced today that it has hired its 3,000th iTech, and each one is trained and ready to travel on demand to a consumer’s home or office t… Read »

SCOSCHE’s Award-Winning strikeLINE™ Rugged LED Charge & Sync Cables are Now Available

   SCOSCHE’s strikeLINE™ Rugged LED Charge & Sync Cables, which received recognition as 2015 CES Innovation Award Honorees, are now … Read »

Luxa2 S100 Wireless Charging Pad and Receiver Kit

Wireless charging has been slow to catch on, perhaps because, out of the box Apple phones are unable to do it. Luxa2 has an answer for th… Read »

Trident Case Introduces Line-Up of HD and Privacy Screen Protectors

Dedicated to providing customers with ultimate mobile device protection, Trident Case, designer and manufacturer of innovative and rugged education, b… Read »

LG G4 Flagship Android Handset

  If you haven’t heard already the newly released LG G4 Android Smartphone is being called by many the best phone of 2015.  In this video … Read »

Ensure Your Tech Devices Stay Clean With WHOOSH!

  According to a recent study, the average college student now owns roughly 6.8 tech devices. However, unlike a few years ago, when technolo… Read »

Obliq Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Case Dual Poly Bumper Series

The Obliq Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Case Dual Poly Bumper Series is a hybrid style case that comes with three different colored frames. If y… Read »

First Look: Skech Crystal Case for the Samsung Galaxy S6

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is giving the iPhone a run for its money for the title of best smartphone.  If you’re a new Galaxy S6 owner the last thin… Read »

First Look: Verus Case Verge Case for the HTC M9

If you ask me HTC has always been the leader when it comes to putting out the sexiest Android hardware.  The company’s newest flagship mobile p… Read »

Review and Giveaway: Motorola Moto E Android Smartphone

While the major cell phone companies have taken a giant step at getting away from 2 year contracts what they’ve also done is increased… Read »

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