What I’m Bringing to CES 2016

With the ongoing fight against terrorism around the globe CES 2016 is poised to unveil an unprecedented amount of security.  You can read all about t… Read »

2 Months with Amazon Prime Pantry

There aren’t many things I dislike more than making the weekly trip to the grocery store. It’s a good thing my wife does it most of the time. The … Read »

CES 2015 Room Tour: The Venetian Hotel

In all the years I’ve been coming to CES I’ve always wanted to stay at the Venetian Hotel.  Well this year I am. Want to see what the roo… Read »

What’s in my CES 2015 Gear Bag?

I just arrived in Las Vegas for CES 2015.  In order to test out the WiFi here in the hotel I thought I’d shoot a quick video of the gear I brou… Read »

What to Expect from CES 2015 and Why I’m a Little Pessimistic

As I sit in my home contemplating what to pack for CES 2015 I can’t help but feel slightly underwhelmed about this year’s trip. Don’t get me wro… Read »

It’s Impossible to “Gift” a Netflix Subscription

This past father’s day I purchased my Dad an Apple TV.  He’s been using it regularly, much to my surprise.  When his birthday rolled aro… Read »

Thinking Different with an Apple Airport Extreme

  In my day job I work at one of the country’s leading Apple Specialists. The other day a father and three kids came into my store, each child … Read »

How Big Companies Sometimes Get Social Media Wrong

I’m currently enjoying a lovely end of summer vacation with my family in Maine.  We got up here from Philadelphia thanks to a short U.S. Air fl… Read »

What Case Am I Using Today?

As you can imagine I change up the case on my iPhone 5s often.  Even when I’m not testing out a case for review I hardly go more than a few day… Read »

Pebble Still Doesn’t Know How To Get Things Right

When the Pebble Steel was first announced I knew I wanted one.  I’d owned the original Pebble for quite some time and had become quite fond of … Read »

Android Decision Reversed

Try to stay with me here… In this first post I asked you to help me decide which of the newest Android handsets I should get.  Either the HTC O… Read »

I’m Faced with a Big Android Decision: Help Me Choose

I’m faced with a dilemma.  I imagine it’s the same dilemma many people are facing right now.  I have to make a choice.  It’s not … Read »

Hisy Makes Taking the Selfie So Much Easier

The selfie. I’ll admit them. I take them all the time. You know who else does as well? My three kids. Last week I picked up the Hisy after heari… Read »

Roku Wins the Plex Battle in my Home

We’re a huge Plex household.  If you’re not familiar with Plex you can learn more about it here.  Essentially Plex allows us to keep a l… Read »

Help Influence the Creation of One of the First Samsung Galaxy S5 Cases

If you follow me here on Run Around Tech and you read my case reviews you’ve probably heard me say once or twice that some of best accessories c… Read »

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