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Apple iOS 5 Beta 7 released!

Apple has been on top of there game with releasing betas for the new iOS 5.  Yesterday they released beta number 7 which gives me the feeling we are … Read »

Maroo Moko II iPad 2 Case

Being professional is so important. Taking a bare naked iPad to a meeting is not only rude but unprofessional. When your carrying around your naked iP… Read »

Twelve South MagicWand

Listen up for the wedding bells! TwelveSouth has married the Apple Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard with the  Magic Trackpad and it’s a huge success… Read »

Logitech Revue Price Dropped To $99

Logitech reported that in the first quarter of the year they had a net loss of $29.6 million. As a result the Logitech Revue price has dropped down to… Read »

Fake Apple Stores Being Shutdown, Turns Out You Can’t Replicate An Apple Store Without Permission Legally

As fast as they were discovered they were closed. Fake Apple Stores in China were discovered last week by blogger BirdAbroad. The blogger said she dis… Read »

Official Facebook App For iPad Unofficially Out [How To Get It] – UPDATED

TechCrunch has struck Facebook gold! Two days ago Facebook released version 3.4.4 of their iOS app. According to the application’s changelog thi… Read »

Rumor: New iPod touch Could Also Be Offered In White

According to some pictures released to 9to5mac the next gen iPod touch could be offered in both the black and white.  Of course nothing has been conf… Read »

Lodsys Now Going After Rovio, Atari, EA and Others In Patent Suit

Lodsys, the company that has made a spectacle for itself by dragging developers to court is at it again. This time Lodsys is adding Rovio, Atari, and … Read »

iOS Application Mixture

Mixture is one very unique iOS application. Mixture is an application that wants the user to create the most disgusting concoctions and then feed them… Read »

iOS Application Stock Chartist

The iPhone may be one of the funnest devices to use but it also has the potential to be the most powerful device you own. Applications like Stock Char… Read »

iOS Application Memory Lane Calendar

Memory Lane Calendar for iOS makes your plain calendar a little bit more interesting and exciting. The application has a built calendar, browser and e… Read »

Apple TV to add bluetooth keyboard support in iOS 5 (Bout time!)

According to reports at 9to5mac when the 2nd generation Apple TV was released Apple added Bluetooth to the device however it was never enabled in the … Read »

JailbreakMe 3.0 (iPad 2 Jailbreak) Could be released today!

If you head on over to you will find that the traditional Apple “We’ll be back soon” sticky note has been posted on … Read »

iPhone Insurance For AT&T Coming July 17th

AT&T appears to be updating its insurance terms on July 17th and in the new terms the AT&T insurance will also cover the iPhone.  AT&T… Read »

iPad 2 Jailbreak Bug Free And Ready To Roll Out Soon?

I am just as sick as everyone else is about hearing that the iPad 2 jailbreak is almost ready. However the wait for the jailbreak may end soon. Comex … Read »