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One of the best things about the iPad Air is how thin and light it is.  You can easily toss the iPad Air into a gear bag, backpack or purse.  If you’re using an iPad Air as your main device perhaps you’d benefit from a real keyboard.  A keyboard add on makes typing on the iPad easier (for me anyway) and for marathon writing sessions on the iPad I find myself much more efficient when using an actual keyboard.  The iPad Air Flip Turn Case from iGear Unlimited combines a keyboard into a hardshell protective case for the iPad Air.  I reviewed the version for the iPad Mini here and in this review I’ll take a look at the case for the larger iPad Air.  Check out my full review below.

Read on through for my full review and be sure to catch the video at the end of the review for a more up close and personal look at the  iPad Air Flip Turn Case.


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Inside the packaging you’ll find the case along with a micro USB charging cable and a set of instructions.

Here’s what iGear Unlimited has to say about the iPad Air Flip Turn Case.

It’s a tablet! It’s a laptop! It’s a movie player!
Flip it, turn it, and make the iPad whatever you want it to be.

The iPad Flip Turn Case is a hard shell case that offers full body protection, a built-in Bluetooth keyboard, and iGear’s exclusive Flip Turn mechanism to transform the iPad between three modes – laptop, movie player, and tablet.

This case can be customized with dome decals using your full color logo artwork.

• Precision-made durable polycarbonate hard shell case
• Built-in Bluetooth keyboard with rechargeable battery
• Flip Turn mechanism sets up the iPad in multiple modes – laptop, movie, and tablet
• Full body protection – front, back, all corners and sides are covered
• Auto wake/sleep features extends battery life
• Rubberized soft touch coating
• Backlit keys with adjustable brightness level (Air only)
• Built-in stylus for keeping iPad glass screen clean (Air only)
• Customizable with school logo or business branding

iGear ColorsThe iGear iPad Air Flip Turn Case comes in your choice of two colors.  You can select from either black or silver.


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The outside of the iPad Air Flip Turn Case is coated in soft touch material.  This provides for a good amount of grip when you’re holding the case.  The case opens up in a clamshell style design.   A single micro USB port on the side of the keyboard is used to charge it up.  Opening and closing the case does activate the iPad Air’s automatic sleep/awake function.

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Inside the case you’ll find a “snap-on-the-back” style case on one side, coated in more soft touch material.  The iPad Air easily snaps into this half of the case.  The other side of the case features the keyboard.  This has a glossy frame all around it, which offers nice contrast.  The keys themselves are plastic and do offer a good amount of tactile feedback when clicked.  At the top of the keyboard a single power switch turns on the Bluetooth functionality, which is needed to pair the keyboard to the iPad Air.  You’ll find some iPad specific keys located on the top row of the keyboard as well.

iPad Air Flip Case iGeariGear Angles

The cool thing about this case is the fact that the portion where your iPad Air goes can be swiveled around to either face the keyboard for typing, or face the opposite way for watching a movie.  It can also be folded down flat for reading or doing other tasks in straight tablet mode.

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The iPad Air version of the Flip case comes with a spring-loaded stylus that you can pop out when needed.


Check out my full video review below…


The iPad Air Flip Turn Case from iGear Unlimited is an affordable and very functional keyboard case for the iPad Air.  The case props up the iPad Air into several different stand angles and offers a ton of protection as well.  If you’ve been thinking of adding a keyboard case to your iPad Mini have a look at the iGear Unlimited iPad Air Flip Turn Case today.

You can learn more about the iPad Air Flip Turn Case by visiting this page on the iGear Unlimited web site.

MSRP:  $69.00

PROS:  Case can  swivel into different angles.  Small.

CONS:  None.



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