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I’ve review my share of Bluetooth speakers over the last few weeks.  Most of them however have been the small portable type.  But what about those individuals looking for bigger, bolder sound?  Perhaps SHARKK has the answer.  In this review I’ll take a look at the SHARKK Bluetooth BoomBox Speaker.  This speaker isn’t exactly pocketable but it packs serious sound at a very affordable price.  Want to see more of the SHARKK Bluetooth BoomBox Speaker?  Check out my full review below for more.

Read on through for my full review and be sure to catch the video at the end of the review for a more up close and personal look at the SHARKK Bluetooth BoomBox Speaker.



Inside the packaging you’ll find the speaker along with a Micro USB recharging cable, wall adapter, AUX cable and instruction manual.  This is one of the first rechargeable Bluetooth speakers that I’ve reviewed which includes a wall adapter for charging and it’s a welcomed addition and one that’s certainly not expected at this price point.

Here’s what SHARKK has to say about the Bluetooth BoomBox Speaker.

  • This 10W Speaker has a Built in Mic allows you to make and receive phone calls.
  • High capacity 2500 mAh polymer Li-ion battery supports longer time play
  • Speaker has AUX plug and cable available in addition to Bluetooth.
  • Support NFC, with “siri” function. Frequency Response: 60Hz-18KHz
  • Speaker measures 2.3″ x 7.4″ x 2.7″



The SHARKK Bluetooth BoomBox Speaker feels sturdy and hefty.  A 2500 mAh battery allows for 6-10 hours of audio playback.  Buttons along the top of the speaker allow you to control volume up and down, fast forward and rewind as well as play and pause.  A microphone built into the speaker allows you to receive phone calls as well.  If you do not have a Bluetooth compatible device you can connect any audio device that has a 3.5mm AUX connection to the speaker via the AUX input on the side.  The mode button on the top of the speaker allows you to toggle through your various connected devices.  Non slip rubber feet on the bottom of the speaker prevent it from sliding around when you’re pumping tons of bass through it.


Check out my full video review below…



The SHARKK Bluetooth BoomBox Speaker is incredibly priced at under $40.  For a speaker that pumps out big booming sound with crisp mids and tons of bass this seems to good to be true.  Well I’m here to tell you it’s not.  If you’ve been looking for a Bluetooth speaker that packs a little more power than the various mini portable speakers on the market have a look at the SHARKK Bluetooth BoomBox Speaker today.

You can learn more about the SHARKK Bluetooth BoomBox Speaker by visiting this page on Amazon.

MSRP:  $49.00

PROS:  Good battery life.  Big bass.  Affordable.

CONS:  Heavy.




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  • stevenlue

    Looks like a nice speaker. What does “Support NFC, with “siri” function.” mean?

  • Rob

    sounds like a complete ad for the company. Biased. Don’t trust it especially when there was talks of reviewers getting free speakers just to write positive reviews.

    • lgreenberg

      Is this your first time on the site? Welcome! I assure you we’ve developed a reputation as a trusted source for product reviews. We’re not biased in any way and wouldn’t have the following we do if we were.

    • jameskatt

      Is anyone talking specifically about this site? If not, they you are simply a troll.

      • Al

        It seems to be just an automatic mindset and jump to a conclusion based on little to no fact. Why would a tech site or the author put their reputation at risk for an inexpensive speaker? Critical thought, Rob. Use it.

  • Ben Witts

    I love this speaker

  • fashionvalley

    Is the Sharkk Boombox MacMini bluetooth compatible? I can’t seem to get it recognized by my MacMini for pairing…Please advise…

  • sidihabibi

    Hi Larry,
    I own this speaker since a few months ago and I’m really happy with it. I got it working in a Linux system. I was wondering if it would be possible to use its built in mic as an audio input source for the PC, but so far I couldn’t find out how.