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I recently reviewed the BookArc for MacBook Air, and detailed how it provides great functionality and design by allowing you to get your MacBook Air out of the way for use with an external monitor while still showing it off to all those who enter your office. The Hi-Rise for iPhone 5 and iPad mini strives for the same thing: to provide a great stand for your device, while allowing full functionality. Let’s see how it holds up.


The Hi-Rise is designed like many of Twelve South’s stand products: out of aluminum that perfectly matches Apple’s finish. The Hi-Rise isn’t particularly heavy, though. Your device is hoisted in the air, as if some valuable display at a museum. Using the Hi-Rise provides a feeling of pride.

This is the first Twelve South product I’ve reviewed that requires assembly, and although that’s certainly not bad, you do have to be aware of the little pieces you can potentially lose. The Hi-Rise comes with an allen wrench and tiny screws, so take caution.


The allen wrench can be stored in the bottom of the Hi-Rise, as a plastic cover reveals a compartment that allows you to adjust the aluminum blocks to allow for use with various cases. I do wish the cover was aluminum, like the rest of the product, though. It seems to be a cheap decision, given the luxurious feel of the rest of the device. There’s also a spot to feed your Lightning cable to ensure that it goes out of the back of the Hi-Rise. You will have to supply your own Lightning cable; Twelve South doesn’t include one for you.


Like I mentioned above, the Hi-Rise assembly features two aluminum blocks that can be adjusted to accommodate a few cases. The Hi-Rise won’t work with all cases, and it’s important to keep that in mind if you’re particularly attached to a case that isn’t compatible with the Hi-Rise. Since I use my phone without a case, this wasn’t an issue for me. Simply loosen the two screws on the bottom and slide the block accordingly.


Moreover, the Hi-Rise comes with three plastic inserts for the smaller aluminum block for use with different cases. The difference between the clips is the depth of the Lightning cable required to fully insert into the port. For examply, “clip 5” is used solely for the Otterbox Defender, as it has a deep cutout for the Lightning cable. The Griffin Reveal and Speck Candyshell each use “clip 2”. The Hi-Rise officially supports the iPhone 5 with no case, the Griffin Reveal, Incase Pro Snap, Otterbox Defender, Speck CandyShell, Twelve South BookBook, and the Twelve South Surface Pad. However, if your case didn’t make the list, Twelve South says to try it out, and adjust the clip if necessary.


The Hi-Rise is pretty great, and is my favorite stand I’ve ever used for my iPhone. It beat out my Elevation Dock only because it’s so easy to use your iPhone while it’s on the stand. The Hi-Rise requires a little bit of set up before you can really use it: the assembly, adjusting the aluminum block to the right position, and choosing the right clip for the case you’re using. If you decide to change your case for an extended period of time, you’re going to have to repeat steps 2 and 3. I suspect that many people stick with one case for their devices, however.


The Hi-Rise is another beautiful product from Twelve South and is a great addition to your desk or night stand. The stand does require a bit of assembly, but that isn’t a big deal if you don’t switch cases day and night. The Hi-Rise allows you to use your phone completely, without having to place your hands in an awkward position, and that makes it worth the $34.99 price tag alone. Check out the Hi-Rise at Twelve South.

MSRP: $34.99

Pros: Beautiful. Easy to use your iPhone while on the Hi-Rise.

Cons: Assembly requires you to thoughtfully choose which case you plan on using for an extended period of time.



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