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Got yourself Samsung Galaxy S4 and in need of a stylish and functional way to protect it?  The Smartphone Support System for Samsung Galaxy S4 from PureGear comes in two colors, offers modern protection and comes along with a holster which can be used as a stand.  I reviewed the iPhone 5 version of this case here and in this review I’ll check out the version for the popular Android smartphone.

Read on through for my full review and be sure to catch the video at the end for an up close and personal look at PureGear’s Smartphone Support System for Samsung Galaxy S4.



Inside the packaging you’ll find the case along a belt clip holster that doubles as a stand.

Here’s what PureGear has to say about the Smartphone Support System for Samsung Galaxy S4.

The Smartphone Support System is designed for the task master in all of us. Clip it or kick it, and see your juggling act get a lot easier.

Snap-on Grip Case
Protective Rubberized Sides
Detachable Aluminum Clip
360˚ Pivot Kickstand for Horizontal & Vertical Viewing

Screen Shot 2013-08-25 at 10.14.59 AMThe Smartphone Support System for Samsung Galaxy S4 is available in two colors.  You can choose from Black or White.



The exterior of the Smartphone Support System for Samsung Galaxy S4 is made from a glossy plastic.  Grooved lines offer a nice accent as well as grip.


The inside of the case has a colorful green striped pattern.  It matte in texture so that it won’t harm the back of your S4.


The phone is easily installed into the case by inserting it from the top and then the bottom, just like you would with any one-piece case.


Once installed inside the case you’ll still have full access to all of your phone’s ports and controls.  Along the bottom of the case you’ll find two cutouts, one for the Micro USB port and another for the phone’s main microphone.


The Smartphone Support System for Samsung Galaxy S4 offers a good amount of “lay on the table” protection so that if you were to place the phone down on a flat surface with the screen side first, the case will make contact before the screen does.


Along the top of the case two more cutouts yield access for the phone’s headset jack and secondary microphone.


Both the power button and the volume rocker get covered by the case.  The buttons that are built into the case offer a nice amount of feedback.


On the back of the case a large cutout gives way to the S4’s rear camera and LED flash.  A second cutout at the bottom of the case allows the speaker to remain clear so that your audio is unobstructed.


The included holster can be used not only to clip your phone to your belt, gear bag, purse or back pack but also as a stand to prop up your phone as well.


Check out my full video review below…


The PureGear Smartphone Support System for Samsung Galaxy S4 is a stylish case for the S4 which comes in either black or white.  The bundled holster doubles as a stand and the case offers a good amount of grip.  If you’re in the market for an affordable, functional case to protect your Samsung Galaxy S4 this might just be the case for you.

You can learn more about the PureGear Smartphone Support System for Samsung Galaxy S4 by visiting this page on the company’s web site.

MSRP:  $34.99

PROS:  Two colors.  Stand doubles as a holster.  Good grip.

CONS:  None.






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  • Hsn Mnn

    Wich s4 glas screen protctr wud work gr8 wth cygnett workmate evolution?spigen Glass.T Nano Slim or Glas.TR Slim

    • lgreenberg

      Sorry, I’ve never reviewed that particular case so I couldn’t say.

  • Hsn Mnn

    this doesnt look as tough as the workmate…im confused between, workmate evolution, element case atom s4, and tech21s s4 cases..would really appreciate a quick honest suggestion as i have very few days left to order the case along with a glass screen protector for my s4 before the flight. I need a “high level protection” case and saw from the cygnett workmate evolution videos that it might provide that kind of protection. Do correct me if im wrong and suggest me a better case. is element case atom s4 better? my max budget for the case is around $50-$55, for me thats alot so i want something that can stick by me for a long period of time and protect my s4 secondly which glass screen protector would work great with this (cygnett workmate evolution) case? should i buy spigen Glass.T Nano Slim or Glas.TR Slim? im really confused as i think that the thicker one (Glas.TR) would give more protection on drops and impacts. would really appreciate a quick response. Thanks

    • lgreenberg

      All three brands you’ve mentioned are top-notch. I’ve never reviewed the Cygnett. Of the other two my personal choice would be the Element.

      • Hsn Mnn

        Much Appreciated Larry 🙂 . have you reviewed any glass screen protectors?

        • lgreenberg

          For the S4 no, for the iPhone 5 yes.

          • Hsn Mnn

            which glass screen protector would you suggest for the iphone if using a case along with it?

          • lgreenberg

            That really depends on the case. The screen shield isn’t going to make a difference, not matter what brand, if the case comes up heavily onto the screen.

          • Hsn Mnn

            Oh ok that’s great advice. really appreciate it 🙂