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Last week, I reviewed the Switcheasy FreeRunner, and wasn’t impressed. However, I mentioned that this was an unusual misstep from Switcheasy, and that their cases are usually on par with the best in the industry. This week, we’ll take a look at the Nude, an ultra-thin snap-on case similar to the Agent 18 SlimShield, to see if the FreeRunner was truly a misstep.



The Nude is an ultra-thin snap-on case that’s meant to provide protection while adding as little bulk as possible. When the iPhone 5 is inserted into the Nude, the sides of the case don’t come up to the screen itself. Switcheasy has stayed true to the design choices here: minimalism.


The top of the case features a covered sleep/wake button, which is unusal for a snap-on thin case. The good news is that the button works and feels great. You hear a satisfying click each time you press it, just like the iPhone 5’s “naked” sleep/wake button. The top of the case is also covered, meaning there is no cutout. This is another unusual thing for snap-on cases, but it certainly adds protection.


The side of the case features covered volume up/down buttons, along with a cutout for the ring/vibrate switch. Not surprisingly, the volume up/down buttons work as great as the covered sleep/wake button and provide great feedback during use. The cutout for the ring/vibrate switch is shallow and easy to access as well.


The bottom of the Nude contains a single cutout for the speaker, microphone, Lightning port, and the 3.5mm headphone jack. This is far more usual of snap-on cases, and while it sacrfices protection, it stays true to the mindset of snap-on thin cases: the least amount of protection with the least amount of bulk.


The back of the Nude features a single cutout for the camera and flash. I didn’t experience any issues with the camera during use.


The Nude succeeds as an ultra-thin case. And while I’ll always be able to distinguish thickness differences between iPhones with cases on them and those without, the Nude adds hardly any bulk at all. Do I feel completely protected during a fall? Certainly not. But do I feel protected from everyday dings? Absolutely. One thing I don’t like about the Nude I was sent was the glossy polycarbonate finish: it’s slippery and shows fingerprints like none other.


The Nude is a good ultra-thin snap-on case that brings covered buttons to the minimalism market without compromising thin design. The Nude is perhaps the thinnest case I’ve ever used, as the sides aren’t even flush with the iPhone 5 screen itself, but I don’t think this is a bad thing. The gloss finish is largely unattractive to me, both aesthetically and functionally, but thankfully Switcheasy offers the Nude in a matte finish. The Nude retails for $19.99 and comes in a slew of colors. Check it out on Switcheasy’s website.

MSRP: $19.99

Pros: Ultra-thin design while still providing covered buttons

Cons: Glossy finish is largely frustrating



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  • Not an award-winning case when it comes to design and protection. But, I find that the ability to have it on your device without realizing it is a plus. Looking at the last picture, I can see scuffs (I believe) and it don’t look to appealing to look at – or show off. Thanks for sharing your opinions!

    • Roger

      Louis, you’re right! That last picture was meant to show off the scuffs that can happen. However, I do love the minimal protection!

      • I thought so and thanks for making it clear; really does help!

  • lizard

    For me one of the best Iphone 5 cover, red and white ver, perfect cover all sides. After one week use no any scratches on 🙂