Must-Have Monday: BetterTouchTool


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Apple’s trackpad has introduced new means of interacting with your computer. Through gestures, you can navigate your computer in ways that weren’t previously possible. However, there is a way to extend that functionality even further. Open your arms to BetterTouchTool, a free application for OS X that gives you complete and udder control of your trackpad.

BetterTouchTool was designed by Andreas Hegenberg, who is stationed in Germany. Touted as a power user application, BetterTouchTool gives you complete control of not only your Track Pad, but your Magic Mouse, keyboard, Apple Remote, Leap Motion controller, and more. Much like Keyboard Maestro, which I recently reviewed , you can assign custom gestures and clicks to do system-wide actions, such as showing the desktop, minimizing a window, or performing a keystroke.

The Mac genius, Brett Terpstra, has a nice blog post to get you started with some gestures.

If you want better control of your Trackpad and a way to increase your efficiency on your Mac, BetterTouchTool may be a perfect fit for you. The application is free, but I strongly suggest you consider a donation to the developer. You can find BetterTouchTool, along with other projects by Andreas here.


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