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Over the past two weeks I’ve been trying a bit of an experiment.  Normally my morning routine involves sitting in front of my computer browsing through about two-dozen web sites, looking for what’s new.  Over these two weeks however I haven’t been to one of my “daily” web sites once.  Instead I’ve relied on RSS via the Feedly service only.  This test seems to working out quite well and I feel like I’m being more productive by viewing all of my feeds in one place, where I can easily scan them and look for interesting content.  Thanks to a new iOS application that X is launching today along with Run Around Tech you can be even more productive and get your Run Around Tech Fix wherever you are.

Do you have a long commute?  Imagine being able to catch up on all your RSS feeds while driving to work.  Or how about working on that presentation on your laptop while you get your RSS feed content delivered at the same time?  If you’re driving you definitely can’t read RSS feeds in the car safely or even legally.  Or can you?

Read on through to find out what Run Around Tech RSSCast is all about and be sure to get all the way to the end to check out the massive giveaway we’re holding along side the launch.



This new iOS application starts by alerting you when a new article or review has been posted to Run Around Tech via a push notification.


When you launch the app you’ll be greeted with your RSS feeds.  In the case of this version of the application, Run Around Tech only.  In the future it’s possible that you’ll be able to add your own custom feeds, or chose from a list of other available ones.  Remember, this is only version one.  You can simply begin to playback the new stories from the site straight from this page by clicking the play button at the bottom.


Tap the feed and you’ll see each of the articles or reviews from site listed in the order that they were published chronologically.  Articles you’ve already listened to appear grey and ones you haven’t white.  When you begin playback the application is smart, skipping the stories you’ve already heard and only playing back the ones you’ve yet to listen to.


Now here’s where the magic happens.  Once you receive a push notification on your iOS device it means each article has already been translated from the written text into a spoken story.  To hear the article or review read to you aloud all you do is tap it.  The story immediately begins playing and the entire article is read to you from start to finish leaving you handsfree.  As the article is being read it turns red.  iPod controls at the bottom allow you to pause the playback, resume playback or fast forward to the next article.  A slider bar also allows you to scrub ahead or back to any point in the article.


If you’d like to see the text of the article while it’s being read simply tap the story.  The link above the story’s text takes you to the actual web page on Run Around Tech where the story was published.


A sharing arrow in the upper right corner allows you to share the story you’re listening to to Twitter, Facebook or via e-mail.  If you come across an article that’s interesting and want to let someone else know about it, now you can.  Or e-mail it to yourself to save for future reference.


Check out my video overview of the RSS Cast application below.


The all new Run Around Tech RSS Cast application is available for download now via the iTunes App Store by clicking here (link will open iTunes.)  It’s totally free and I encourage all of you to give it a try.  I’m very excited about the possibilities the RSS Cast might offer.  With the ability to add in other sites or feeds you could easily catch up on important articles and stories from your favorite web sites while you keep your hands free to do other things.  Google might have made the decision to kill Google Reader but that doesn’t mean you should have to suffer through a mediocre way to catch up on your RSS feeds.  RSS Cast is a fun and perhaps more importantly, safe way to do so.


In conjunction with the launch of the application we’re holding a special blow-out giveaway.  You can enter for a chance to win an amazing prize pack below.

We’re giving away 3 laptop cases stuffed with accessories for the iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini and Samsung Galaxy S4.  This giveaway is open to everyone, anywhere in the world.  If you’re unable to view the giveaway widget below just click the link and you’ll jump to the giveaway details.

The giveaway details are spelled out below but just so we’re clear.

1.  Download the new RSS Cast from the iTunes App Store – Link.

2.  Leave of a review of the app in the iTunes App Store.

3.  Leave a comment, with the same thing you posted in your iTunes App Store review, at the bottom of this post (use the same same name here as you did in iTunes.)

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    Can’t believe how convenient this is

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    will i be enter the giveaway anyway??

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    Its great idea to help a person to listen to his favorite Tech News while doing some other work with it like driving or cooking. Its great at what it does but needs to add more websites in it.

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    Well i see this is a good app, and did not just “one day made” app. About the looks? i like it, it already optimized and use ios 7 flat. and for the content and functional point, it stil need a room for enhancement, somekind like maybe search content,see old content, or any functional point. Overall i just can give this 3.5 Stars, i am hoping larry can bring an update for this app. Thanks

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    Brilliant application!! Very simplistic & easy to use

    The simplistic and elegant design of this application makes it easy to use;
    everything is set out so it is easy to find your way around the app.
    The blue and white colour scheme hoes well with the ‘Run Around Tech’ logo. I also like how it dulls out the review you have already listened to. Overall a very helpful application for getting all of my technology reviews in one place.

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