Must Have Monday: Afterlight for iOS

This is Must-Have Monday. Each post highlights an app or product that I absolutely love, and use each and every day. Since the things I’ll be highlighting are things that I consider essential to me, there probably won’t be a post every Monday. Instead, the updates will happen periodically, with no set schedule. Be sure to check back each Monday to see if there is an addition to the Must-Have family, or follow @runaroundtech on Twitter for updates.


Current smartphone cameras have opened an entirely new world of creativity. While I don’t believe smartphone camera sensors are nowhere near the pure quality of traditional DSLR cameras, the use of software has allowed users to expand their horizons to new avenues of creativity.

One of those pieces of software is an app called Afterlight. Afterlight is my go-to editing application for photography (along with VSCO Cam). Afterlight possesses an elegant and beautiful UI. After you’ve imported a photo, there are a row of tools at the bottom of the screen to help you create a beautiful image.

Photo 96

Afterlight can adjust hue, saturation, exposure, and white balance (it also features auto-enhance), but my favorite feature of Afterlight are the filters and textures you can apply to photos. Choosing from either Original or Guest filters, there are 42 unique choices to make your images look beautiful. Afterlight’s filters are more subtle than Instagram’s, which is something I greatly value.

Photo 97

Afterlight also has over 60 textures to choose from, with everything from light leakage to dusty, vintage speckles. Moreover, Afterlight has a ton of frames to choose from. This is another features I really admire in Afterlight: instead of having to crop your photos to 1:1 (square) for Instagram, simply apply a bar frame (either on the top/bottom or the sides) and your photo will no longer be cropped when you export it to Instagram.

Photo 118

My workflow usually consists of taking photos with VSCO Cam, tweaking them with VSCO Cam’s insanely great presets, and then importing them into Afterlight for texture and framing. I then push the photo from Afterlight to Instagram.

There are in-app purchases to get even more filters, textures, and frames.

At $.99, Afterlight is an exceptional tool to have in your photography folder on your iOS device. Seriously, go pick this up.


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