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Do you drop your iPhone 5 often?  Have you even broken the screen because of it?  Having to replace your iPhone isn’t exactly cheap.  A good protective case might just save the life of your phone.  The all new Spigen SGP Tough Armor Case features the company’s new Air Cushioned corners which provide your phone maximum protection from shock and impact.  When you hear the words “maximum protection” you likely think “big bulky case.”  Well think again.  The new Tough Armor Case from Spigen SGP is one of the slimmest cases around which offers this sort of protection.  The Tough Armor comes in four different colors too so there’s sure to be one that matches your personal style.  Check out my full review and find out.

Read on through for my full review and be sure to catch my video at the end for a more up close and personal look at the Spigen SGP Tough Armor Case for iPhone 5.



Inside the packaging you’ll find the case along with a small catalogue and a set of three of Spigen’s jelly home button stickers.

Here’s what Spigen SGP has to say about the Tough Armor Case for iPhone 5.

The new Spigen iPhone 5 case has arrived. The Tough Armor is the new leader in protective cases providing better impact absorption than any other boxy case on the market. The new Air Cushion Technology corners reduces the thickness of the case while providing optimal protection for your iPhone 5.

  • Extreme Protection from drops and scratches
  • Air Cushioned & Spider Web Patteren TPU case
  • 1.5mm lip to protect the screen even with Spigen Tempered Glass screen protectors
  • Slimmer but more protective than other protective cases on the market

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The Tough Armor Case is available in four different colors.  You can choose from Smooth Black, Smooth White, Metal Slate or Satin Silver.


Once you crack open the packaging the first thing you’ll notice about the Tough Armor is the inside of the case.  It features Spigen’s special Spider Web pattern.  The interior layer is crafted from TPU and built to help absorb shock and impact should you bump or drop your phone by accident.


The outside of the case is two-toned, featuring the TPU liner at the top and bottom and a polycarbonate piece in between.  A circular cutout in the center allows the iPhone 5’s Apple logo to be seen.  I like this sort of cutout but wish Spigen included an Apple logo protector along with the case.  There is also a small Spigen logo in the lower right portion of the case.

For added protection the Tough Armor Case relies on Air Cushioned corners.  This is one of the reasons why the case has TPU at the top and bottom instead of an all polycarbonate back.  These reinforced corners are there to take the brunt of any sort of trauma that your phone might experience in a drop.  By absorbing the shock from impact the case redirects bad reverbs away from your phone, making the case do the work.


To install the case on your phone you place the phone’s button side in first and then pop the remaining side into place.  It’s a tight install and a tight fit.  That’s a good thing too.  This insures that your phone doesn’t come out of the case unless you want it out.


Once installed the Tough Armor Case yields full access to all of the iPhone 5’s ports and controls.  The bottom of the case features three individual cutouts.  One for the speaker and headset jack, one for the Lighting port and a third for the microphone.


On the top of the case you’ll find that the phone’s sleep/awake button gets covered by the case and replaced with a built in button.  The button feels soft and cushy, offering a good amount of tactile feedback when pressed.


Same holds true for the volume buttons on the side of the phone.  These too get covered by the case and replaced by buttons built in, offering similar feel as the sleep/awake button.  The cutout for the mute switch is ample and I had no problem getting to the switch with my finger.


The cutout for the iPhone 5’s rear facing camera, LED flash and secondary microphone is pilled shaped.  I took a few photos with the built in flash and didn’t experience any sort of washing out or flashback problems.


As far as “lay on the table protection” goes, the Tough Armor Case offers plenty of it.  The case has a small lip, which comes up higher than the glass screen of the iPhone 5.  So when you place your phone down onto a flat surface, the case’s lip will make contact with the surface before the iPhone 5’s screen does.  If you prefer a screen shield along with your case Spigen offers a discount on their Ultra Crystal and Ultra Oleophobic protectors when you purchase a Tough Armor Case.


Check out my full video review below…


Used to be heavy duty protective cases were big and bulky.  Thanks to technology like Spigen SGP’s Air Cushioning and Spider Web design this just isn’t the case any more.  The new Tough Armor case isn’t much thicker than a garden variety iPhone case.  But that’s where the similarities end.  The Tough Armor isn’t your everyday plain case.  This case packs serious protection from life’s mishaps.  If you’re someone who drops your phone and are looking for a way to protect your phone from what’s likely going to be eventual damage, the Tough Armor Case is for you.  This case fits perfectly, comes in four colors and is made with the same superb craftsmanship I’ve come to recognize from every single Spigen SGP product I’ve laid my hands on.

You can learn more about the Spigen SGP Tough Armor Case for iPhone 5 by visiting this page on the company’s web site.

The Tough Armor Case is available for purchase via Amazon here.

MSRP:  $29.99

PROS:  Slim.  Multiple colors.  Great protection.

CONS:  No screen protector included.  No Apple logo protector included.






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