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Summer is in full swing.  Are you enjoying the great outdoors.  I just this morning, while browsing my Facebook feed, came across a wall post from a friend who was about to embark on a 3-day camping experience to a cabin in the wood that has no power.  While that sounds super fun I’d personally still like to be able to connect to the outside world in the case of an emergency.  Having a cell phone handy is good for that but not one that can’t be recharged.  Camping usually involves dirt, dust, water and other elements which don’t mix well with a cell phone.  While you can easily protect your cell phone with many of the water proof cases we’ve recently reviewed, like the LifeProof Nuud or Griffin Survivor + Catalyst, how do you keep your external battery pack safe?

The answer?  The NewTrent PowerPak Xtreme – NT120R 12000mAh Water Resistant/Dirt Proof/Shock Proof Battery.  This isn’t a plain old external battery pack.  The NT120R is built to withstand the elements.

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Inside the packaging you’ll find the battery itself along with a Micro USB recharging cable, a compass keychain and Velcro loop.

Here’s what NewTrent has to say about the PowerPak Xtreme – NT120R 12000mAh Water Resistant/Dirt Proof/Shock Proof Battery.

  • Rugged Series NT120R PowerPak Xtreme 5V@2A-1A Dual USB Charger charges 2 devices simultaneously. 2A output is for iPad/Tablet and 1A output is for iPhone/smartphones.
  • Compatible with most smartphone’s (Apple, Samsung, HTC, Motorola, LG, Nokia, Blackberry, Sony, etc…) and 5V Tablets compatible devices.
  • Rigid and durable build makes the PowerPak Xtreme the ideal companion for those who enjoy camping, hiking, biking, and other outdoor activities.
  • No iPhone/iPad adapter or cable is included, but the PowerPak Xtreme NT120R is compatible with the original Lightning/30-pin connector Apple manufactured charge cables.
  • No AC wall charger is provided, but the PowerPak Xtreme NT120R can be recharged using the supplied micro-USB charge cable with any standard 5V/2A USB charge ports, including most computer USB ports and USB wall chargers.



The moment you pick up the NT120R you’ll immediate recogize the ruggedness it brings to the table.  It’s not light by any means so you’ll have to get used to the added weight.  The exterio of the battery has a cushy rubberized TPU liner.  The inside portion is crafted from tough polycarbonate.


A locking door keeps the two USB ports, for recharging your devices, and the single Micro USB port, for recharging the battery itself, hidden and protected from the elements.  The door also indicates which port should be used for which devices.


With the latch open you’ll have access to the 3 ports.  Rubberized gaskets also protect the ports when the door is closed.


To use the NT120R you’ll first need to charge it up.  You can so one of two ways.  First, use the included Micro USB cable to connect the battery to your computer.  Second, use a USB compatible wall adapter.  While charging blue LEDs illuminate on the front of the NT120R.  When all four LEDs are solid blue you’ll know the battery is fully charged.


The battery inside the NT120R packs 12,000 mAh of recharging power.  That’s more than enough to recharge all of your mobile devices multiple times.  The four LEDS on the front of the NT120R each represent 25% of the total battery’s power.

Video Review

Check out my full video review below…


If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, or just someone who’s a little extra hard on their devices, the NewTrent NT120R is poised ready to take the beating you’ll throw at it.  Inside this heavy duty, reinforced battery pack comes 12,000 mAh of recharging power.  This offers you an additional 47 hours of video playback on the iPhone and 20 additional hours of video playback on the iPad.  That should be enough to help you get through any camping trip!

You can learn more about the NewTrent PowerPak Xtreme – NT120R 12000mAh Water Resistant/Dirt Proof/Shock Proof Battery by visiting this page on the

MSRP:  $79.95

PROS:  Can charge 2 devices at the same time.  Tough.

CONS:  Heavy.






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