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There are plenty of iPad cases on the market that protect.  Many even stand up your iPad into a variety of angles for better viewing.  Few iPad cases however can do both of these things in addition to recharging your iPad’s battery when it dies and also recharge other devices as well.  That’s precise what the Justin Case Slim Power Case for the iPad does.  This case not only protects your iPad from bumps and dings, as well as stands it up but it features a built in 11,600 mAh battery, which can be used to not only recharge the battery inside the iPad but other devices as well.

Ready to see more of the Justin Case Slim Power iPad Case?  Read on through and check out my full review.  Be sure to watch the video at the end for a more up close and personal look at the case.

Read on through for my full review.


Inside the packaging you’ll find the case along a quick start guide, manual, recharging cable and wall adapter.

Here’s what the company has to say about the Justin Power Slim Power Case for the iPad.

Ultra-Slim Power Case Designed for iPad

  • ITJ-4231
  • Portable 11,600mAh Rechargeable Power Case Designed for iPad 2 and Newer
  • Recharge Your iPad up to 2 Times or Your iPhone up to 7 Times
  • Universal USB Charges ALL devices including Apple, BlackBerry, Samsung and More
  • Ultra-Slim, Durable, Synthetic Leather Case with LED Power Indicators
  • Keeps ALL Buttons, Ports and Cameras Accessible
  • Built-In Battery Easily Recharges via Included Micro-USB Cable and Wall Adapter


The first step to get to using the Justin Power Case is to charge up the battery.  You do this using the included wall adapter and Micro USB cable.  While charging, the 4 four LEDs built into the case will blink to indicate the power level of the battery.  Then when the battery is fully charged (in about 14 hours) the LEDs will will stay lit but stop flashing to let you know that the battery fully charged.


To recharge the battery inside your iPad you simply connect your own cable to the USB port on the case.  When you’re ready to charger, press the button located next to the LEDs on the case.


If you need to charge up another device, such as an iPhone or other mobile phone, simply connect the appropriate cable to the USB port on the case and the other end to your phone.


As far as the case itself, it’s made from what feels like canvas.  Justin Power calls it synthetic leather.  It’s surprisingly slim for a case the packs such a big battery inside.


To stand the case up you flip out a kickstand mechanism on the back of the case.  This props up your iPad into a nicely viewing angle.  This angle works good for video watching but their really isn’t a decent angle for typing.


A flap style lock helps keeps the front flap of the case in place when you’re transporting the case around.  Normally this sort of latch doesn’t appeal to me.  They’re often stiff and hard to manage.  Not so with the Justin Power case.  The flap’s material makes it easy to place inside the loop and just as easy to get out.


The bottom of the case features cutouts for both the 30 pin or Lightning port of the iPad as well as the speakers.


The right side of the case has a cutout for the iPad’s mute/orientation switch and volume rocker.


The top of the case has three cutouts, one for the headset jack, another for the microphone and a third for the iPad’s sleep/awake button.


In addition to the kickstand on the back of the case there’s also a nicely sized cutout for the iPad’s rear facing camera.

Check out my full video review below…

For a case that does so much the Justin Power Slim Power Case is surprisingly sleek.  Inside the slim portfolio style case hides a 11,600 mAh battery capable of recharging the battery inside the iPad.  If you’re iPad’s battery doesn’t need a boost you can use the case to power up almost any USB compatible device instead.  All this along with a cost that’s less than many iPad cases and what you’re left with is a full features case that will appeal to road warriors, families, and power users alike.

You can learn more about the Justin Power Case for the iPad by visiting this page on the company’s web site.

MSRP:  $69.99

PROS:  Slim.  Protective.  Gigantic 11,600 mAh battery.  Works with any USB device.

CONS:  No decent typing angle.  Bring your own cables.






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