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There aren’t a ton of authentic Carbon Fiber cases for the iPhone 5.  M-Tech Designs is a U.K. based company who makes carbon fiber parts for the motor sports industry.  I reviewed their carbon fiber case for the iPhone 4/4s and was very impressed with it.  If you missed that review you can check it out here.  Because I was such a fan of the iPhone 4/4s case I was excited to check out the company’s newest offering for the iPhone 5.

The new Indy Case offers hybrid style protection.  A soft cushy inner layer protects your phone from shock and impact while a beautiful authentic carbon fiber shell protects the outside.

If you’re a fan of carbon fiber and have been looking for a way to protect your iPhone 5 with it, this is one review you’ll want to check out.

Read on through for my full review.


Inside the packaging you’ll find the case along some extra rear camera liners and a single, front screen protector.

Here’s what M-TECH Designs has to say about the X.

Please welcome the Indy case for the iPhone 5. Now shipping

Maximum protection with minimum added bulk and stunning looks.

Real carbon fiber moulded outer case teamed with a shock absorbent liner in a choice of colours gives impact and shock protection. The liner creates a seal that prevents dirt and grit getting inside the case so your case will still look like new.

The camera and flash have a protective shroud which is engineered to Apple standards to prevent flashback whilst avoiding the massive hole left by many other cases. There are also access points for the headphone jack, lightening connector, microphone and speakers.

The carbon is lacquered using the Basler-Lacke system We searched far and wide to find a coating that would be hard wearing and still show off the depth of the carbon fiber weave. We think we’ve found it.

The liner rises above the screen to give face protection when the phone is placed face down. We also provide a high quality Japanese film screen protector to further protect the face. The camera shroud is slightly proud of the case and that, together with the three similarly protruding liner buttons, gives protection to the phone and the carbon case when the phone is placed face up on a surface. What’s more the liner material has some non-slip properties that help to prevent your phone from being accidently knocked to the floor.

There’s more. We’ve added a slight curve to the edges so the case fits easily into your hand.

We think this is our best case so far, please let us know what you think.


The M-TECH Designs Indy case for iPhone 5 is available in seven different colors.  You can choose from black, white, blue, orange, red, glow in the dark, and anti-bacterial.


The Indy case in made up of two pieces.  A soft inner, colored TPU layer and the outer carbon fiber shell.


To place the case on your phone first place the TPU layer on taking care to align the rear camera liner.


Once you’ve got the inner TPU liner on you can proceed to place the carbon fiber shell over it.  The shell is held on by the tackiness of the TPU material.  Once it’s one the shell stays put.  It doesn’t move and doesn’t feel as though it’s going to come off.


The Indy case yields full access to all of the iPhone 5’s ports and controls.  Along the bottom you’ll find cutouts for the speaker, headset jack and microphone.  On the side there’s a small cutout for the mute switch.  The volume buttons get covered by the case yet still give good feedback when pressed.  The sleep/awake button gets covered by the TPU material of the case yet also still gives off great feedback when pressed.

The back of the case is glorious and shines from the almost glass look and feel of the carbon fiber finish.

Check out my full video review below…

If you’re a fan of carbon fiber and have been looking for a iPhone 5 case that offers a good balance of both protection as well as style you’ll be hard pressed to find one as nice as the M-TECH Designs Indy Case.  With plenty of colors to choose from, lay on the table protection and a beautiful carbon fiber shell this is a case for both car enthusiasts or anyone else.

You can learn more about the M-TECH Designs Indy case for iPhone 5  by visiting this page on the company’s web site.

MSRP:  £66.66 (approximately $103.72 at time of review)

PROS:  Multiple colors.  Lay on the table protection.

CONS:  None.





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