Review: MIME Ghost Glass Screen Protector for iPad Mini


I’m a firm believer that once you’ve tried a tempered glass screen shield for your mobile device you’ll never want to use other type of screen shield ever again.  The feeling you get from using a tempered glass screen shield is so close to that of the actual glass screen of your device that’s there’s simply no going back.  I was very impressed with MIME’s iPhone 5 tempered glass screen shield.  If you missed that review you can check it out here.  When the company reached out to me to see if I’d be interested in reviewing their new iPad Mini version I glad accepted.

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Inside the packaging you’ll find the screen protector along with a set of instructions, a large dust removal sticker, a microfiber and a squeegee.

Here’s what MIME has to say about the Ghost Glass Screen Protector for iPad Mini.

MIME Ghost Glass is constructed of hardened glass and offers high grade scratch protection. We measure our glass using the Brinell Scale, which characterizes surface hardness of materials. Ghost Glass’ 1565 BHN rating is comparable to the surface hardness of steel. This gives it the ability to easily withstand scratches from keys and abuse other sharp objects. Ghost Glass also features:

  • Cut precisely to fit the iPad mini display
  • Fingerprint resistant
  • Easy to install
  • 1565 BHN / 9H Hardness rating
  • Clean, zero-residue removal
  • Includes Mime Anti-dust pre-installation film
  • Perfect optical clarity
  • Zero effect on touch-screen responsiveness
  • Triple layer environmentally friendly packaging

When it comes to screen protection, MIME Ghost Glass is the premium choice. The ultimate protection while retaining perfect screen clarity and touch screen responsiveness. No orange peel, no rainbow effect, no sacrifices. MIME Ghost Glass tempered glass construction is shatter resistant for enhanced safety.

The days of fearing over the install of a tempered glass screen shield are over.  While it’s true, you still only get one chance to install glass scree shields correctly, most of the company’s who sell them offer replacements at a heavily reduced cost should you mess yours up.  MIME is no exception.  The  MIME replacement program works as follows.

We stand by the quality and craftsmanship of our products. If your MIME Glass Screen Protector or bumper is damaged at any time and for whatever reason, we offer a 40% off coupon off the retail value on the same product purchased. Please send us a message with the subject “Replacement (product name)” and your order information through our contact page and we will be glad to assist you.


As with any screen shield installation, the first, and the most important step to the installation process is to make sure you screen is 100% free of dust.  MIME includes a special dust removal sticker, which is essentially a large traditional screen protector.  You place it on your iPad Mini’s screen and use it to lift away any dust.  This is flat out awesome and I wish every screen protector, for every device, from every company came with something like this.  It simply makes the whole process so much easier.  I know from experience that my best screen protector installations come immediately after I’ve removed and old screen protector.  Any dust that might have been on my screen stays stuck to the adhesive side of the screen protector as I lift it off my screen.  This works the same way.


Once you’re certain your screen is clean, begin by peeling that tab labeled “1” on the MIME Ghost Glass Screen Protector.  This exposes the adhesive side.  Work quickly and align the protector on your iPad’s screen.  When you’ve got it set, simply press down in the center to activate the adhesive.


If you’re left with any bubbles uses the included microfiber cloth to smooth them out towards the edges of the screen protector.


Slowly begin to peel back the top protective layer labeled “2”.


What you’re left with is a screen protector that looks and feels just like the pure naked glass of the iPad Mini.  Being that the iPad Mini lacks Apple’s retina display doing anything to degrade the quality of the display would be a mistake.  Using a protector that keeps the screen looking like it did out of the box is the best choice – and that’s exactly what the MIME Ghost Glass does.  The Ghost Glass has rounded edges to prevent any sort of chipping too.

Check out my full video review below…

If you’ve never tried a tempered glass screen shield I encourage you to do so.  The MIME Ghost Glass Screen Protector looks and feels just like, if not better than, the glass screen of the iPad Mini without any sort of screen shield installed at all.  Backed by the company’s replacement program you no longer have to assume a huge risk when installing a glass shield.  The benefits way outweigh the risks.  Reward yourself with a MIME Ghost Glass Screen Protector for the iPad Mini.  You won’t be sorry.

You can learn more about the MIME Ghost Glass Screen Protector for iPad Mini by visiting this page on the company’s web site.

MSRP:  $47.95

PROS:  Curved edges.  Reduced cost for replacement.  Dust removal tool is awesome.

CONS:  Only once chance to install it right.  No home button stickers.






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