Quick Review: Spigen SPG HARDBOOK Case for the iPad Mini

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Here we are with another folio style case for the iPad Mini, this time coming from our friends at Spigen.

The Hardbook is a faux leather case, which I am reviewing in Navy.  It looks really sharp and clean. The textured padding has a really nice feel, and is very pleasant to hold in your hand with the iPad closed.

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The Hardbook has a built in stand that allows the iPad mini to sit horizontally at a tilted position. This feature can be found on numerous folio cases. Most of these types of cases have ridges, which allow the user to adjust the mini to stand at various angled positions, however, this folio only has one rubber disc to angle the iPad. The material the inside of the case is made of a cloth, which really doesn’t grip the iPad, which is unfortunate. It slips until it reaches the rubber disc. In my experience I found it falling over more than I would have liked.

The iPad is held in the folio by a thin plastic case attached directly to the inside of the folio. It’s a very nice idea, however in this review case my iPad did not snap all the way in. I can’t say if this is the norm.

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The back of the folio has a nice cutout for the camera, which does not impede the iPad from taking pictures, but if you fold the case backwards the camera hole is covered up. The case was pretty awkward when I went to take pictures, as I couldn’t fold it back.

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It does have the sleep/awake function, which is standard in cases these days as well.

All in all, it’s a great looking case, but falls short on quality when using the various functions of the case.

You can learn more about the Spigen SPG HARDBOOK Case for the iPad Mini by visiting this page on the company’s web site.

MSRP:  $39.99

PROS:  Great looking finish.  Functional.

CONS:  Doesn’t stand up well.






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