Review: iOttie Macaron Protective Case Cover for iPhone 5


I’m going to start off this iPhone case review by telling you you’re going to either love the case or hate it.  See, I’ve been using the iOttie Macaron case on my iPhone 5 for a week or so and that seems to be the general consensus from most of people who see it.  They either think it’s super cool or they turn their nose and walk away.  I’ve really been enjoying the Macaron.  So much so I’m making it a part of my regular iPhone 5 case rotation.  Let me tell you why.

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Inside the packaging you’ll find just the case.  No accessories come along with it.

Here’s what iOttie has to say about the Macaron Protective Case Cover for iPhone 5 .

Spoil your iPhone 5 with sophisticated style and strapping protection. The Macaron by iOttie delivers an elegant sleek design while still providing strong defense against life’s mishaps. Its anti-shock Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) case has a unique S-shape that provides a no-slip grip and maximum comfort. Because of the Macaron’s slender design, you will never have to worry about exhausting its flawless fit. So go ahead, indulge your iPhone 5 with the classy, yet tough Macaron case in all the beautifully exuberant colors. Get protected. Get going!

  • Combined sleek and rubberized design remains durable through all of life’s adventures
  • Shock absorbent Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) based case for ultra-protection
  • Unique S-shaped design provides maximum comfort and a no-slip grip
  • Slender design formed perfectly to the iPhone 5 to assure a flawless fit even after prolonged use
  • Available in an extensive assortment of exuberant colors: Black, White, Magenta, Sky Blue, Mint, and Yellow


The Macaron Protective Case Cover for iPhone 5 is available in six different colors.  You can choose from Black, White, Magenta, Sky Blue, Mint, and Yellow.


The Macaron has a high gloss exterior.  The case itself is S shaped so that it offers a great amount of grip.  The glossy exterior is prone to scratching but you don’t really notice them unless you’re really looking for them.


The inside of the case is lined with heavy duty TPU cut in the shape of a waffle pattern.  This material cradles your iPhone 5 and is ready to absorb shock or impact should you bump or drop your phone.


To place the case on your phone simply pop your phone in starting with the top, and then the bottom.  The Macaron doesn’t offer much in the way of lay on the table protection so if you’re concerned about your screen being scratched be sure to use a screen shield.


Once installed on your phone the Macaron does yield full access to all of the ports and controls.


The cutouts for the lightning connector and the headset jack are heavily recessed.  It’ll take some trial and error for your to determine which headphones and third party cables work with the case and which do not.


The volume up/down and the sleep/awake buttons all get covered by the TPU material of the case yet still offer good feedback when pressed.

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The thing that I like most about the Macaron is the way it changes the way the iPhone 5 looks.  Using the same phone day in and day out is boring!  When I place the Macaron on it makes me feel as though I’m using a different device, almost.  Sure the most important feature to an iPhone case is how it protects your phone but a case should look good too.  If it looks just like the phone looks what’s the point of using a case at all?  Change things up and check out the iOttie Macaron.

You can learn more about the iOttie Macaron Protective Case Cover for iPhone 5  by visiting this page on the company’s web site.

MSRP:  $29.95

PROS:  Multiple colors.  Hybrid design.  Eye catching.

CONS:  Headset jack and lightning ports heavily recessed.  No lay on the table protection.






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