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I try to be really, really, good about not using my cell phone while driving.  First off, it’s illegal in most states to use a cell phone in a car, while driving, without a hands free device, such as a Bluetooth headset.  Second, it’s just plain dangerous and flat out stupid to do it.  However, there are times when I simply can’t stop myself.  I feel my phone buzzing over and over again in my pocket or I’m lost and need directions quickly.  The Exogear Exomount 2 is a universal car mount that works with pretty much every cell phone on the market.  That means it doesn’t matter if I’ve grabbed my iPhone 5 for the day or my Samsung Galaxy Note 2.  Both will fit easily into the mount and allow me to access my phone in an emergency somewhat safely.

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Inside the packaging you’ll find the mount itself along with a set of install instructions.

Here’s what exogear has to say about the Exomount 2 Universal Car Mount .

The ExoMount 2 features the world’s best suction technology so you can mount your smartphone or GPS device to almost any flat surface -glass, plastic, metal, wood, and even drywall. The wide-jaw clamp easily accommodates devices with screens up to 5″ (even the 5.3″ Samsung Galaxy Note) and rotates to your preferred viewing angle. Features: -Mount your device to almost any nonporous flat surface -Glass, plastic, metal, wood, and even drywall- Polyurethane lined grip keeps your phone or GPS safe and secure -Quickly and easily mount and unmount your phone or GPS with the stylish grip holder -Mounts all smart phones and GPS devices up to 5-inch screens -Multi-angle rotation for your preferred viewing angle. What’s new with the exomount 2? Sturdier holding positions handles 35lbs of pressure more than any other mount. Stronger suction cup allowing mounting on even porous, textured and curved surfaces. Durable reinforced polycarbonate hardshell structure allows the exomount 2 to handle even harsher environments than its predecessor.

  • Sleek design made with reinforced polycarbonate for extra durability
  • Quickly & easily mount or unmount your iPhone, iPod, smart phone or GPS
  • World’s best suction cup provides a secure mount on almost any flat surface
  • Mounts all smart phones including iPhone, HTC, Samsung, LG, Nokia, Motorola, Blackberry or any other brand with screen up to 5.5 inches
  • 360º versatile joint allows multiple viewing angles
  • Polyurethane grip with reinforced springs and tension system securely holds your iPhone, iPod, smart phone, GPS and everything else in between

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The Exomount 2 Universal Car Mount is available in your choice of either black or white.  It’s rare for an automobile mount to be offered in a color other than black so I appreciate the variety.


The key to the Exogear Exomount 2 Universal Car Mount is the suction cup.  It’s coated with reusable sticky adhesive that allows you to stick the mount onto virtually any flat surface.  Once you placed it down it can be easily removed leaving zero residue behind.  Simply take it off, replace the backing and save it for another application.  When you’re ready to reapply it all you do is rinse the adhesive off under the sink, let it dry and then it’s ready to be used again.


To place it into your vehicle you find a clean, flat spot, remove the protective backing and then place it down and activate the suction cup clamp.


The clamp, which holds your phone in place, is adjustable and will accomodate a phone with up to a 5.5″ screen.  It’s also lined with grooved pieces of rubber to securely hold your phone in place.


To place your phone inside simply open the clamp.  Since it’s adjustable the Exomount 2 even works with your device if you’ve got a case on it.


A 360º versatile joint allows multiple viewing angles once the mount has been put in place.


Once I had the Exogear Exomount 2 Universal Car Mount installed in my car I found it very sturdy.  I did have to place it into a position in my vehicle, further back on the dashboard than I would have liked.  The Exomount needs a flat surface in order to stay put.  This left me having to reach for my phone when I needed to access it.  However, this was more as a result of my personal vehicle than the mount itself.


Mounting the Exomount on my car’s windshield was a better option.

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The most important feature of a automobile mount for your cell phone is probably how it actually mounts.  That last thing you want is for your cell phone mount to come free and start falling around your vehicle.  The Exomount 2 is one of the most secure mounts I’ve had a chance to test out.  Once you clamp the suction cup down it’s very, very, hard to remove it (providing you’ve chosen a flat surface.)  I love the fact that the mount’s clamp works with so many devices.  If I change phones or want to use a case I won’t have to go out and purchase another mount.  The Exomount can be your in car mount for life.

You can learn more about the Exomount 2 Universal Car Mount by visiting this page on

MSRP:  $29.95

PROS:  Two colors.  Fits almost any phone, with or without a case. No mess install or removal

CONS:  May not mount well on curved dashboards.






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