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When you think about it the most important area of your iPhone 5, when it comes to protection, is probably the phone’s corners.  In the event of a catastrophic drop the likelihood of your phone landing on a corner is high.  Therefore, many protective cases could in fact be overkill when what you really need is something which simply safeguards the corners.  I’ve started to see a few of this type of case pop up on the interwebs and was luckily enough to receive one from Brenthaven.

Brenthaven, who’s bags I’ve reviewed in the past, isn’t a company I immediately think of when it comes to iPhone cases.  By using a special material called Bx2, the company wants to change that.  I had a chance to see this space-aged protective substance in person and then had a chance to test it out inside the Exo iPhone 5 case.  How did it perform?

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Inside the packaging you’ll find the case along with a single crystal clear front facing screen shield.  Based on the way this case is designed I can’t help but wish there was a rear clear screen protector included as well.

Here’s what Brenthaven has to say about the Exo iPhone 5 Case.

The highly protective Exo iPhone Case employs our unique BX2 foam protection system offering innovative, sculpted protection where you need it.

Fits iPhone 5

  • BX2 Foam protection technology in four corners and main surface
  • Push release viewing stand for horizontal and vertical facetime
  • Rubber touch surfaces for comfortable grip
  • Minimalist sculpted form reveals the iPhone and offers complete protection
  • Comes with custom fit, clear screen protector
  • Lifetime Guarantee

Screen Shot 2013-02-11 at 6.55.28 AM

The Exo iPhone 5 Case is available in 6 different colors.  You can choose from black, white, silver, plum, cayenne or sky.

Screen Shot 2013-02-11 at 7.11.18 AM

Let’s get this out front first because it’s one of the best things about the Exo case and Brenthaven as a company.  Every product the company sells comes with a lifetime guarantee.  Your Brenthaven case is covered by a no-questions-asked warranty, should you ever encounter an issue with your product please contact Brenthaven’s customer service.


The case itself is made from polycarbonate and offers a soft touch grip.

Check out the promotional video Brenthaven created on the Exo case below.


The inside of the case is where all the action is.  The Bx2 material, which is blue, lines the four corners as well as the center of the case.  This material absorbs shock and impact unlike anything you’ve ever seen.  Brenthaven says the Bx2 material is able to absorb 90% of shock and impact.


To place the case simply snap it over your iPhone 5 like you would any snap on the back style case.


Since the case features a mostly “open” design you’ll have full access to all of the iPhone’s ports and controls.  It does leave part of the back of the iPhone unprotected (the sides) which is why I wish it came with a rear screen protector.  You’ll want to be careful doing things like placing your iPhone in a pocket with a set of keys, if you use this case.


On the back of the case you can deploy a pop out kickstand by simply pressing on it.


This allows you to prop up your iPhone in either portrait mode.


Or landscape.

You should know that, according to the company’s web site, Brenthaven is committed to achieving Zero Impact™ on our environment without compromising the integrity of our products. The company’s strategy is to create great products that last a lifetime; reduce what they can in the manufacturing of their products and operation of their business; and offset what they can not through annual investments into environmental non-profits and carbon offsets.  I wish more company’s had the same philosophy.

Check out my full video review below…

The Brenthaven Exo case is one of the more unique cases I’ve had a chance to review.  It offers a massive amount of protection thanks to the company’s special Bx2 material yet the case manages to remain sleek and un-obstructing.  While I’d like to see a rear screen protector thrown in for added scratch protection the addition of the pop out kickstand is a nice touch as well.  With a ton of colors to choose from the Exo is a case worth checking out if you’ve been in the market for a case that separates itself from the plain-Jane snap on the back style cases you see everywhere.

You can learn more about the Brenthaven Exo iPhone 5 Case by visiting this page on the company’s web site.

MSRP:  $39.95

PROS:  Minimalistic.  Multiple colors.  Comes with screen protector.  Pop out kick stand.

CONS:  No back screen protector.






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