Satechi Energy Efficient Smart LED Desk Lamp Brightens Rooms & Charges USB Devices


The Satechi Smart LED Desk lamp is now available and guarantees to be the perfect lighting accessory for any home or office. The Smart LED Desk lamp performs double duty – brightening rooms and charging USB-based devices like smartphones and MP3 players in a sleek, clutter-free solution for any desk, end table, dorm room, or office.

The versatile lamp was designed to meet the lighting needs of business pros, students and busy moms and features user friendly touch controls to toggle between four different brightness levels. The sleek and glossy lamp’s four different modes provide the ideal amount of light for enjoying a good book, studying for an upcoming test, taking a load off after a busy day or having a peaceful night’s rest.

  • Reading Mode – Stimulates concentration and reduces eye strain with mid-range color temperatures (4300K-5300K)
  • Study Mode – Increases attention and concentration with high-range color temperatures (6000K-7000K)
  • Relaxation Mode – Promotes relaxation along with improved mood with low-range color temperatures (2500K-3300K)
  • Bedtime Mode – Encourages deep sleep with a comfortable soft light (2500K-3300K)


To ensure home and office spaces are always brightly lit, the Smart LED Desk Lamp has a lifespan of 40,000+ hours. The energy efficient lamp consumes only 1/8 of the power of an incandescent lamp and less than half of the power of a florescent lamp. The Smart LED Desk Lamp also has a low environmental impact containing no mercury or other environmentally harmful substances. Additionally, the timer function automatically turns off the lamp after an hour of inactivity to avoid unnecessary energy consumption.

The Smart LED Desk Lamp is made of three joints able to adjust the LED panel up to 140 degrees and the frame up to 90 degrees to ensure it fits perfectly on any desk.

The Satechi Smart LED Desk Lamp is available for an introductory price of $99.99 at and


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