Review: Speck CandyShell Grip Case for iPad Mini


“Grip.”  The Speck CandyShell Grip case for the iPad Mini doesn’t just use the word in its title.  The Grip case offers tons of rubberized ridges that run along the back and sides of the case.  Not only are these ridges helpful when you’re gaming on the iPad but they simply help even the average iPad user get a tight hold on their iPad during regular use.  The Grip case comes in four bright colors and offers the brilliant fit you’ve come to recognize from the entire line of Speck CandyShell cases.

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Inside the packaging you’ll find just the case.  No extras are included.  If you need a screen shield Speck does offer them for the iPad Mini in both glossy and matte.  Check out the company’s ShieldView here.

Here’s what X has to say about the X.

Gamers and butterfingers are in for a treat. CandyShell Grip for iPad mini adds grippy ridges to a double-coated protective case, so you’ll always keep things at hand.

  • Fits iPad mini
  • Textured fingerpads. Interwoven plastic and rubber grips add structure and style.
  • Dual-layer casing. Patented design provides two layers of protection in a single-piece, pop-in construction.
  • All-around protection. Raised bezel keeps screen safe and rubberized covers shield buttons.

Screen Shot 2013-01-28 at 6.56.39 AM

The CandyShell Grip for iPad mini is available in four different colors.  You can choose from White, Black, Blue or Red.


The CandyShell Grips feature’s Speck’s special hybrid design.  It’s soft in the inside, thanks to TPU and hard on the outside, thanks to plastic.  However, unlike many hybrid cases which are two pieces, the CandyShell Grip case is one.  This results in a superb fit that offers protection from both shock and impact as well as scratches.


To place the case on your iPad Mini simply snap it in by placing the Mini into the case with its buttons first then pressing the bottom portion of the Mini in.  If you need help Speck offers instructions on how to put on and how to take off many of their cases here.


Once installed the case yields access to all of the iPad Mini’s ports and controls.  You’ll have access to the lightning port, rear camera, mute/orientation switch and microphone.  The volume buttons and sleep/awake button get covered by the TPU material of the case’s inner layer.  These still give great feedback when pressed though.


The special grip ridges, which run along the back and sides of the case, provide an extreme amount of grip, which is helpful when not only gaming but when simply carrying your iPad Mini around.


While the case doesn’t have any flap or cover for the screen of the iPad Mini it does offer lay-on-the-table protection thanks to a lip which extends up.  This lip will come in contact with any flat surfaces first when and if you place your iPad Mini screen down onto one.

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If you’ve been looking for a case that offers an almost unparalleled amount of grip then look no further.  For those iPad Mini users who prefer a case without any front screen obstructions your choices are somewhat limited.  The Speck CandyShell Grip case comes in four glossy colors and offers a good amount of protection.  The case fits the Mini well and is one that should last.

You can learn more about the Speck CandyShell Grip for iPad mini by visiting this page on the company’s web site.

MSRP:  $44.95

PROS:  Multiple colors.  Great fit.  Ridges give good grip.

CONS:  No screen protection.






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  • Larry, what’s your daily driver case for your mini? Also, What was the one you used at CES?

    • lgreenberg

      I’ve been using the Skech SkechBook since I got it at CES. I honestly don’t remember which I had on at CES.