Skech Shine Case for iPhone 5 Review

In the past I’ve shied away from slider style cases.  Mostly for two reasons.  First, they bubble up screen shields, something I always use.  And second, they usually don’t fit well, often coming apart of leaving gaps when installed.  The Skech Shine case for the iPhone 5 fits just about as good as any case I’ve put on to my iPhone so far and it didn’t bubble my screen shield either.   With 7 colors to choose from the Shine case might just mark my return to the slider case.  Want to see more?

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The Skech Shine Case for iPhone 5 is available in 7 different colors.  You can choose from Gold, Blue, Purple, Pink, Black, White or Silver.

Inside the packaging you’ll find the case along with a single crystal clear, front screen protector, installation card and a microfiber cleaning cloth.  Use the cloth to make sure that your screen is completely dust free before you apply the screen shield.

Here’s what Skech has to say about the Shine Case for iPhone 5.

The colors are metallic and electric while the feel is pure silk. The Shine’s keeping it minimalistic with a fit that perfectly mirrors the lines of the phone. It’s criminal to add bulk to the already perfect lines of the iPhone 5. That’s why you need a shell case that can enhance the phone without detracting from its beauty. This two-piece case protects from the inside with a fine microfiber coating and from the outside against knocks, drops and bumps.

Shine, fits like a glove.

The Shine case is a two-piece slider style case.  The interior of the case is lined with a soft, felt material which will serve to protect the back of your phone.

To install the case first slide your phone into the larger top half.

Then place the smaller bottom part of the case on and push the two pieces together until the join.

Once installed the fit is superb and the case yields full access to all of the iPhone’s ports and controls.

I do have a screen shield installed on my iPhone 5 and surprisingly, unlike many slider style cases, the Shine didn’t mess with it.

The finish of the Shine is on the glossy side.  Some might find it lacking in grip and slightly slick.  For me, someone who has larger hands, I didn’t see this as an issue and personally I prefer this finish over soft touch.

The other great thing about using a slider style case is that it allows you to fit your phone into a dock with ease.  Just remove the bottom portion of the case, leaving the top part on, and your phone is completely dock-able.

Check out my full video review below…

In the description of the case on Skech’s web site the company says that the Shine “fits like a glove” and I agree.  You’ll be hard pressed to find a case that fits as well as the Shine does.

You can learn more about the Skech Shine Case for iPhone 5 by visiting this page on the company’s web site.  The Shine case is available for purchase at

MSRP:  $29.95

PROS:  Great fit.  Comes with screen shield.  Multiple colors.

CONS:  Slippery.




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