SHARKK Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Review

Yesterday I took a look at the SHARKK iPad Mini Keyboard Case.  If you missed that review you can check it out here.  If you don’t own an iPad Mini but do own a full sized Retina iPad or iPad 1 or 2, SHARKK still has a keyboard for you.  The SHARKK Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard is a full sized, wireless keyboard, that works with any Bluetooth device.  Even if you don’t own an iPad, the SHARKK Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard might be for you.

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Inside the packaging you’ll find the keyboard along with an instruction manual.  You’ll have to supply your own batteries for the keyboard, none come included.

Here’s what the company has to say about the SHARKK Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard.

Technical Details

  • Power supply: 2 pcs AAA dry battery (NOT INCLUDED)
  • Can be used with any device with Bluetooth technology.
  • Great for us with PC computers, iPads and other tablets.
  • Lightweight and very slim for great convenience.
  • Features function keys including Volume, music control, brightness control

The SHARKK Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Review takes a two AAA batteries to operate.  It must be inserted into the bottom of the keyboard.

To get it working simply flip the power switch to on and press the connect button.  Then head to the Bluetooth settings of your particular device and pair the two together.  This is something you’ll only have to do once.

There’s no denying the similarities between the SHARKK Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Review and the Apple Wireless keyboard.  The big difference?  About $40.  While the Apple keyboard retails for $69, the SHARKK Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Review is on sale at Amazon for around $20 (at the time of this review.)

You can set up the keyboard to work with your tablet.  The nice thing about using this type of keyboard rather than one built into a case is that it allows you to choose a case YOU like – not one that happens to have a keyboard preinstalled.  Many of the keyboard cases out there are plain black and unexciting.  Using a separarte wireless keyboard allows you to bring your sense of style in the form of your iPad case.

The SHARKK Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard does have some iPad specific keys built in.  These help you by reducing the amount of touching of your iPad’s screen you’ll have to do.  Each of these iPad specific keys is built into the function keys and includes actions for locking/unlocking the iPad, the home button, iPod controls, volume up and down, photos etc.

You could also use the keyboard in front of a computer instead.

Check out my full video review below…

If you’ve been after a full sized wireless keyboard for your tablet or computer but have turned off by sticker shock, the SHARKK Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard is a nicely priced alternative. With a full sized layout you won’t have to stumble through using small, cramped keys.  It’s lightweight enough to be easily transported in a gear bag too.

You can learn more about the SHARKK Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard  by visiting this page on the Amazon.

MSRP:  $69

PROS:  Inexpensive.  Works with tablets or computers.

CONS:  None.



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  • Laura

    My sharkk keyboard got stuck in the function key so when ie: I type a k a / comes up. or when y type an i a ? shows up.
    I would LOVE to know how to unstuck it from the function key.
    Thanks a bunch!
    I love my keyboard but can’t use it right now.