ReCase for iPhone 5 Review

Wow – this case is a piece of trash!  Ok, I had to get that in at least once.  Why you ask?  Because the ReCase for the iPhone 5 is actually made from recycled garbage.  No, not things like banana skins, apple cores or tins cans.  The ReCase is made from post-industrial agricultural waste (Rice Husks and numerous other plant-based agro-wastes) and special post-consumer plastics.

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The ReCase is offereed in three different colors.  You can choose from Black, White or Gray.

Here’s what the company has to say about the ReCase.

ReCase for iPhone 5 is created with a level of sustainability which is unprecedented in this market. With innovative products like ReCase, we aim to give the consumer an option to make a greener and healthier purchasing decision, all without sacrificing function and style. As “sustainability” becomes a hot topic, our tag line, 100% trash, is no longer just for tree-hugging hippies; it represents the new hip, and the revolution in consumerism.

ReCase products are made from post-industrial agricultural waste (Rice Husks and numerous other plant-based agro-wastes) and special post-consumer plastics. The agro-waste helps create and stronger, more resilient end-product. The ReCase is a hard case with a “snap-on” design. Simple to install and remove.

The plain, cardboard packaging keeps in line with the company’s mission to remain sustainable.

Flip open the flap of the box and you’ll find the case.  No other extras are included.

The ReCase is essentially a snap on the back style case.  The finish of the case is unlike any I’ve had a chance to review.  At first glance it reminded me of a bar of Irish Spring Soap.  When you pick it up you’ll get a soft, somewhat grippy sensation.

The case features a special compartment carved out in the inside where you can place a electronic ID.  They include a special insert meant to prevent interference as well.  This is meant to go between your card and your phone.  If you’re in a situation where you’re often having to flash an ID up to a reader to gain access, or use a quick pay gas or credit card, you can easily turn your phone into a wallet.

Once you pop your phone in you’ll still have access to all of the ports and controls.

If you want everyone to know you helping to save the planet just flash them the back of your ReCase which says “100% made from trash.”

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If you want to have a positive effect on the environment there are a lot of ways you can do so.  Why not start with your iPhone case?  The ReCase isn’t necessarily any better or worse than any of the other top notch snap on the back covers I’ve tried for the iPhone 5.  What it does have going for it though is how it’s made.  The company cares about our planet and is doing everything it can to make sure they do not have a negative impact.  If you’re all about Save the planet, do so now by checking out the ReCase.

You can learn more about the ReCase for iPhone 5  by visiting this page on the company’s web site.

MSRP:  $34.99 (on sale for $24.99 at time of review.)

PROS:  Made from recycled products.  Thin.  Multiple colors.  Unique look.  Hidden card area.

CONS:  None.




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