FlexiShield Smart Cover Case for iPad Mini Review

If you’re an iPad Mini owner and have chosen the Apple Smart Cover for protection my advice is to find something to go along with it to protect the back.  While the Smart Cover is thin, and it’s cool that it comes from Apple it does little in the way of protecting your Mini, especially on the back side.  The FlexiShield Smart Cover Case for iPad Mini works in conjunction with your Smart Cover.  When the two are teamed up your iPad Mini is safely protected from every angle.

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The FlexiShield Smart Cover Case for iPad Mini is available in Black, White, Blue and Pink.

Inside the packaging you’ll find just the case.

The FlexiShield Smart Cover Case for iPad Mini is made from flexible TPU so it’s easy to slip it on to your Mini.  The finish of the case is matte which should show less in the way of scratches and blemishes.

If you’re using a screen shield with your Mini you’ll want to be careful when placing this case on.  The harsh edges of the TPU material could lift up your shield if you’re not.

Once it’s on you’ll notice the large gap along the side where your Smart Cover can attach.

With the FlexiShield Smart Cover Case for iPad Mini and a Smart Cover both on your iPad Mini you’re left with full 360 degree protection without bulk.

The case will allow you to stand your Mini up into the Smart Cover’s two different stand angles without interruption.

Check out my full video review below…

You can learn more about the FlexiShield Smart Cover Case for iPad Mini by visiting this page on the MobileFun web site.  If you still need an Apple iPad Mini Smart Cover they’ve got them too.

MSRP:  $17.50

PROS:  Inexpensive.  Slim.

CONS:  None.





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  • Tony

    Good evening Larry!

    Just wondering, what is your favorite ipad mini case by far?

    I really like the feature where i can use the smart case with this. BUt what else do you recommend?

    Thank you!


    • lgreenberg

      I don’t think I’ve tested enough iPad Mini cases to be recommending one yet.