Pela Case for the iPhone 4/4S Review

The PELA case for the iPhone 4/4s is your very own piece of original art. PELA cases are comprised of natural crop fibres to add strength to the biopolymers. The natural fibres grow to different sizes, giving each PELA case its own unique look.

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The Pela case comes with just the case itself and nothing else.

The left side of the case has a large opening for the ringer switch which accommodates the iPhone 4 and 4s.  The volume up and down buttons are cover and very responsive to the touch.

The bottom of the case has 3 separate cut-outs, 1 for the 30-pin connector and 2 other small cut-outs for the speaker and microphone.

The top of the case has a large cut-out for the headphone jack and microphone so there should be no issues. The on/off switch is covered and also very responsive like the volume buttons.

The back of the case, where the camera and flash are located, has a very large cut-out and yet it’s strange because I have never seen it done this way before. It’s a bit on the large side and also a bit odd.

The Pela case is made in Canada and it is unusual to see a case actually come from where I am located, though with being said the case is a nice addition to my “case family”. I like the case, though it does need some revamping such as the large cut-out for the camera and flash, that seems to bug me the most. Check out this great company Pela as their cases are environmentally friend and actually really nice!

MSRP: $29.95

PROS: Environmentally friendly, Dockable, More then 1 color, Unique.

CONS: Odd camera cut-out.



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