Maroo Poro Case for the iPad Re-Review

Back in October Larry took at look at the Maroo Poro case for the iPad (if you missed his video review you can check it out here.)  If you want to show off your stylish side the Poro case for the iPad might help. Sporting their SG Bumper chassis, Maroo says you’ll know you’ll have the best case on the market when you are sporting this!

Continue to read on for the full review.

Popping the case out you are just greeted with the iPad case itself in a very nice vibrant purple color.

Inside the case you have instructions on the right side with a black foam, and on the left side there is small sleeve for documents or business cards along with a handle for your hand so you do not drop the iPad with this case on.

With the iPad installed in the case you can see the bottom is fully cut out so you can charge with this case on.

The side of the case is also a full cut out and exposed so you can get to your ringer switch and volume buttons with ease.

On the top you have that also fully exposed showing your headphone jack and a bit of your sleep awake button, and when I mean “a bit” I mean that some of it is covered with the bumper chasses so you might have your iPad accidentally turn on if it is hit.

On the back of the case you have a large cut-out for your camera so you should not have any issues taking pictures due to the large sized cut out.

Also on the back is a notch that allows you to place your iPad in 2 positions, one for watching videos and other things and another in a lower position for when you want to type with the keyboard.

The Poro Maroo case is a nice looking case.  It would be a great case for every day use and even for those who use their iPad for school/college.  There is only 1 issue I had with this case and it was how difficult it was for me to place my ipad in 2 corners but that’s about it. I’m sure with a bit of reconstruction Maroo can make some adjustments and this case would be great!

MSRP: $49.99

PROS: Protective, Cushioning, Dock while in case, Nice colors,  Holds papers.

CONS: A bit difficult to get on, Covers some of the sleep/awake button, 3 sides are fully exposed.


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