Cygnett ICON Haven Case for iPhone 5 Review

As of late, Cygnett has continually impressed me with their products. The last two cases I’ve owned of theirs, they’ve exhibited extremely high craftsmanship and durability. Naturally, I was excited when I got my hands on the Haven, one of the ICON series of cases featuring artwork from some seriously talented artists. Did the Haven live up to Cygnett’s awesome reputation? Hit the jump to find out.

The Haven is a snap-on case featuring cutouts for all of the neccessary spots. The Haven is really easy to install and provides an exceptional fit.

The top of the case features a single cutout for the sleep/wake button, which is easily accessible. The bottom also features a single cutout for the Lightning port, speaker, and microphone. One aspect I really enjoy about the Haven is that the corners are completely protected.

The side of the case features a single cutout for the volume buttons and ring/vibrate switch. The buttons are, of course, easy to reach.

The back of the Haven features an ample cutout for the camera and flash, which works great in low light with no flash bleeding. Also, the back is what makes this case so awesome: the artwork. The artwork on this particular case is done by Austrailian-born Nathan Jurevicius. There is a hypnotic-inducing owl as the predominant object, along with different species of birds. I’ve gotten more comments on this case than any other iPhone 5 case I’ve received so far. The colors are bright, beautiful, and eye-catching.

The Haven is my favorite case I’ve ever tested from Cygnett. The combination of great protection, feel, and artwork is pure win for me. If you’re into cases featuring great artwork, definitely check out the Haven, along with several other cases in the ICON series, for $29.99.

MSRP: $29.99

Pros: Fantastic protection, great feel, and eye-catching artwork.

Cons: None.


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