Acase Supperleggera Pro Case for the iPad Mini Review

The iPad Mini is, well for lack of a better word, mini.  The last thing I want to do is bulk it up with a heavy duty case.  A hybrid case, one that combines both hard and soft materials usually does a good job of protecting from both shock and impact.  The ACase Supperleggera Pro case for the iPad Mini is such a case.  The Supperleggera Pro offers up a soft inner core along with a harder plastic exterior.  The one thing the case doesn’t have is front protection.  This is one of few cases which leaves the front of the iPad completely exposed.

Is that a good thing or a bad thing?  You’ll just have to read on for my full review to find out.

The ACase Supperleggera Pro comes in a simple, Zip-Lock bag style package.  It does not include a screen protector.

Normally, with a hybrid style case installation involves you first removing the inner layer (the softer silicone) and placing it on your iPad.  This is followed by you snapping the harder (plastic) layer over top.c  However, this doesn’t seem to work well with this particular case as the silicone wants to continually slide around.  Installation is better served by you simply treating this case as one piece instead of two and just snapping your iPad Mini into it.

Once inside what you’re left with is a tight, form fitting case that at first glance does appear to offer a decent amount of protection for your iPad Mini.

Even though there’s no flap or cover on the case what the case does have is a strong, raised lip that should help to protect your iPad Mini’s screen should you set it down onto a flat surface with the screen facing down.

The Supperleggera Pro Case offers two different stand modes thanks a kickstand located on the back of the case.

When flipped on way the kickstand helps you prop up the Mini into an angle best for consuming media, i.e. watching movies, listening to music etc.

When you turn it around the kickstand places the Mini into an angle best used for media creation, i.e. typing, swiping etc.

Not only does the back of the case contain all the cutouts you’d expect (speaker, camera, etc.) but the headset jack and lightning connector actually have built in port protectors which should keep dust and other debris from getting inside.

While the ACase Supperleggera Pro does seem to offer all you might want and expect from a quality iPad Mini case I’m not sure I could see using it on a regular basis because of its lack of screen protection.  Even with the fact that I keep a screen protector on my iPad Mini all the time I’d still worry about something coming in contact with the screen while it was in my gear bag or while it was being used.  I can’t however argue at the ease of use a case with no front flap brings though.  Not having to continually open a front cover and hold it back to he use the Mini each and every time was a refreshing and welcome change from my normal case repertoire.

Check out my full video review below.

You can learn more about the ACase Supperleggera Pro Case here.

MSRP:  $69.95 currently on sale at Amazon for only $19.99

PROS:  Inexpensive.  Two stand modes.  Hybrid design.

CONS:  No screen protection.


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