NewTrent iZen Power Folio for the iPad Re-Review

Need more power for the gadgets in your life? NewTrent is one of the world’s best source for stocking up on iPhone and iPad batteries. You can power all of your mobile computing gadgets, tablets, PDAs and cell phones with their superior industry-leading technology.  Last month Larry gave us his thoughts on the NewTrent iZen Power Folio for the iPad in a video review.  He was kind enough to send me the iZen Power Folio when he was finished with it and I’m ready to offer my thoughts on it as well.

Continue to read on for the full review.

Opening the box to the iZen Power Folio you have a few items.  First off you have instructions which to me are not very clear, the cords to charge the case/battery, the battery and the case.

This is the battery itself.  It’s actually more then half the case and gives you a bit of a heavy weight when using.

When everything is put together the case itself looks like a normal folio case, but it has a bit of a kick in the back where the battery hides.

Opening the case you have your iPad on the right and on the left you have the cover which can act as a stand when putting your iPad in various positions.

When charging the battery the indicator light will flash 3 different colors, red which means it’s very low on power, orange which is medium power and green which is high power.

The way you charge your iPad while in the case is with your regular charge cable that came with your iPad and the adapter they include with it. You plug in the 3.5mm jack into the charging port on the botton and then the 30 pin cable into your dock on your iPad.

When not charging your iPad you can use this as a regular case but it does add a huge amount of weight so I wouldn’t use it all the time.

The bottom has a cut-out for the dock connector, so if you are not charging it via the case itself you can still have it charge through your computer.

There is also a large cut-out for your ringer and volume buttons.

On the back they don’t have a grill cut-out like some case’s but it is one full cut-out for your speaker.

As you can see on the back when the case is flipped over you have a “bump” in the case which is where the battery is located.  Personally I wasn’t a fan of this and I don’t think I ever will be. Not only was the battery difficult to place in I don’t even know if when I actually got it in that I did it correctly because there is no “snapping” system to tell you if its in right or not.  Along with the battery being difficult to put in when it is actually in and everything is a go it feels like your carrying 3 iPads which I also didn’t like. I think New Trent has a good idea on this case but it defiantly needs some remodelling.

MSRP: $129.95

PROS: Charge on the go.

CONS: Heavy, Difficult to put battery in, Bulky, Expensive.


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