Newer Technology 7-Port USB Hub Review

With the amount of peripherals available today, having a USB hub is paramount to almost any geek. Aside from mice and keyboards, many consumers need to plug in printers, external hard drives, and phones to their computers. However, many manufacturers have never really included enough USB ports to cover all of your bases. Don’t worry, because Newer Technology has a 7-port USB hub that’s sure to satisfy any power user’s needs.

Read on for my thoughts.

The USB hub is composed of metal and plastic, and feels sturdy. Although this isn’t the case for me, some users prefer to keep the hub on their desk for easy swapping. I, however, opt for a permanent setup and leave it dangling underneath my desk. Nevertheless, if you choose to leave the hub on your desk, it won’t be an eye sore.

The coolest thing about the Newer Technology USB hub is not that it has seven ports, but that some of the ports are specialized. For example, on one side of the device, there are simply 5 USB 2.0 ports for your everyday devices. However, on the back, there are two different ports: one with 2.1 amps dedicated for charging high-powered devices, and one “sync” port dedicated to connecting type A devices.

One side of the device also features a plug for the 4-amp power supply and another highspeed USB port for connecting to the computer. One of the biggest triumphs of the Newer Technology USB hub is it’s ability to provide constant power to every device connected to it. Every other USB hub I’ve used has suffered from not supplying enough power to each device, but you can rest assured that’s the case. I currently have a SteelSeries 7G mechanical gaming keyboard, Logitech G930 gaming headset, a Neat scanner, an M-Audio FastTrack Pro, an Elevation dock, and an external hard drive attached, and not once have I experienced any power issues.

At the end of the day, the Newer Technology 7-port USB hub is a keeper. Not only is it designed for rugged use, but its 4-amp power supply ensures that you’ll never run into any power issues, no matter how many devices you plug in. You can check out the Newer Technology 7-port USB hub for $25.99 on Other World Computing.

MSRP: $25.99

Pros: Rugged design, 7 ports, no power issues.

Cons: None.


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  • Technoguy3

    I got this USB hub a while ago, but not branded (cheap eBay crap). If Newer Technology hasn’t made any changes to the internal circuit, do NOT get this thing. It’s missing a diode necessary to keep the hub from feeding power back through the USB port. It caused my computer LEDs to stay on even when the power was shut off. It could have damaged my motherboard.

    • OWC Grant

      Sorry to hear of your experience…but as you noted, the unit you had was NOT a Newer Technology unit. We’ve been selling this hub for over two years and it has been widely praised by both the media and consumers.

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