SwitchEasy Canvas Case for the iPad Review

For the third-generation iPad, most case makers have been content to tweak existing iPad 2 designs to fit the thickness of the new tablet. The Canvas, by SwitchEasy, is the one of the few exceptions to the rule. Despite the popularity of the original case, SwitchEasy has decided to make some fundamental design changes to their version for the iPad 3 and 4.

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Opening the Canvas case packaging you are greeted with a huge amount of goodies.  These include a screen protector, port protectors for your headphone jack and charging port and a micro fiber cloth along with a squeegee.

When the case is close with the iPad inside the Canvas gives off a book style look that fits great in the hands and makes it easy to carry around.

Opening the case on the left side you have a felt like brush design, and on the right you have the hard shell case that you just snap you iPad into.

If you look behind the hard shell cover you have a velcro line which sticks to some part of the felt material back casing which is against the case, but when not using the case in a book like manner you can take it apart and it allows you to use your iPad and various angles.

There is a cut-out on the bottom is for your dock connector which is great because you can charge your iPad and still keep it safe.  Also there is a grill type shape cut-out for the speakers.

On the right side you have a full cut-out for your ringer switch and volume buttons that are very easy to get to.

The top of the case consists of 3 separate cut-outs and they are for the sleep/awake button, the microphone and headphone jack.

They also have a very nice cut-out for your back camera so you don’t have to pull this case on and off when you are wanting to use your camera on the back of your iPad.

This is the very first iPad case I have to reviewed and I have to say that SwitchEasy is going to be hard to beat. I love that I can use the iPad and it is protected on both front and back; and I also love that I can charge my iPad and still leave the case on it at the same time. The Canvas looks like you are carrying around a book so it would also be a great case for someone who is in school/college and uses their iPad for note taking.  Watch out all you other companies, because SwitchEasy is stealing my heart with this case!

MSRP: $49.99

PROS: Protective, 5 Colors to choose from, Can charge iPad while in case, Easy to use, Multiple positions.

CONS: None.




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