Spigen SGP Leather Argos Series Case for the iPhone 4/4S Review

The SPIGEN SGP Argos Premium Leather case protects your iPhone 4 or 4S from scratches, damages and dust. The microfiber interior keeps your phone clean, sleek and protected.

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Opening the package you have the case itself and thats about it.

The case is easy to put on, you just pop one side in and then snap the rest into place.

As you can see the case has front protection with the built in “flap” that will close and lock into place, this keeps your screen safe at all times no matter where you can put it.

There is a full cut-out for the ringer switch and volume buttons, so this makes them easy to access when you need to do so.

The bottom however slightly shows the secondary microphone and speaker but the rest of it is covered, so if you want to dock with this case it is not possible; and even wanting to charge with your usb cord you will have to open up the case to get to your docking port.

The top of the case has your sleep/awake button exposed along with your headphone jack and microphone then between those ports the case can snap together to stay closed for when the phone is not in use.

The camera is a nice cut-out that is line with black so you will not have any flash back issues when wanting to use your flash along with your camera.

The Argos case is fancy looking and nice to use on “special” occasions but I would not make it a regular case.  I don’t like the fact that I cannot charge my phone unless I open of the flap of the case, and constantly doing that will end up causing the flap to wear away and possibly break or be of no use. This is the only issue I have with this case as everything else seems to be fine, if this doesn’t bother you then go and check out Cretouch because you can get this type of case in other colors and designs!

MSRP: $37.99

PROS: Protects phone well, Screen protection, Many designs and colors.

CONS: Cannot dock or charge unless the case is opened, White would get dirty to quick.



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