Cygnett AeroGrip Feel for iPhone 5 Review

There are many different kinds of cases out there: thin to thick, minimal protection to protection overkill (for most situations). I’ve always been a fan of those that provide a sleek design and a minimal footprint. The Cygnett AeroGrip Feel is one of those cases, so did it meet my expectations?

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Much akin to the Case-Mate Barely There I reviewed recently, the AeroGrip Feel is a snap-on case. Simply insert your iPhone 5 button-side first into the case and snap the rest of the phone in place.

The front of the case exposes the phone completely, which could be a good or bad thing, depending on your opinion of these matters. I don’t mind it much. I will mention that the AeroGrip Feel has less of a lay-on-the-table design than the Barely There. In fact, I wouldn’t reccommend laying the phone down on the screen in any situation with this case on.

The top of the case features a single cutout for the sleep/wake button. Similar to the Barely There, the size of the cutout seems to only be so large in order to keep symmetry with the bottom of the case, which also has a single, large cutout for the 3.5mm headphone jack, speaker, microphone, and Lightning connector. Gone are the days, in my opinion, when you’d have to worry if third-party cables would work with a particular case due to the size of their cable. The Lightning cable is so small that you shouldn’t need to worry about what manufacturer the cable came from.

The side of the case features two separate cutouts for the volume buttons and ring/silent switch. Because the AeroGrip Feel is so thin, the cutouts are shallow and very easy to access. The side of the case also features circular dimples, which is where the case gets its name. It’s a small addition, but I really like the dimples. It gives a sense of better ergonomics and design.

The back of the AeroGrip Feel has a singular cutout for the camera and flash. Thanks to the black ring that lines the cutout, I didn’t experience any flash bleeding. I like this cutout better than that on the Barely There, as it’s substantially smaller.

The AeroGrip Feel is a fantastic case. Cygnett has quickly become one of my favorite case companies. They often impliment new ideas into traditional case ideas, which is something admirable. I really like the small addition of the circular dimples along the side of the case, and the “soft-touch” feel it provides. If you’re looking for a minimal case with fantastic design and five different color variations, look no further than the Cygnett AeroGrip Feel. You can check the case out on Cygnett’s website for $18.99.

MSRP: $18.99

Pros: Fantastic design and feel.

Cons: No lay-on-the-table design.


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