Review: Blue Lounge Milo Stand

Milo is the ideal minimal and fun desktop accessory. It’s a partner on your desk, nightstand, or work-top. Perfect for hands-free podcast viewing, video conferences, or as a simple docking and charging station. Milo is highly stable and orientates to your preferred viewing angle, vertical or horizontal.

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When you receive the package it comes in a small clean design like box.  The Milo stand box has the basics inside such as instructions, how to clean the stand and the stand itself.

When you take the stand out of the packaging the suction adhesives are covered in a plastic like material to keep it from getting dirty.  You remove those to be able to use the stand with any flat surfaced device. To apply your phone to the suction adhesive you need to peel off the protective plastic.  Once that is done you can apply your device to the stand and with a little pressure your device should stick perfectly (please note the stand will work with only flat clean surfaces).

The Milo stand will also work with cases attached to the device but it will depend on if the surface design is flat or not.

What’s great about the Milo is that the sticky surface is reusable over and over again.  All it takes is a little cleaning.  To clean the Milo stand all you need is tape.  You place the tape along the stand, flatten it down and remove it.  This allows the tape to remove all the dust and dirt that might be causing your stand not to stick properly.

With all this said the Milo Stand is a great little side-kick to a small or large desk and even great for a nightstand. You don’t have to worry about knocking it off due to the fact it has the micro suction adhesive on the bottom and will likely stick to any surface area with ease.

If you would like to learn more about the Milo Stand and many of the other products offered by Blue Lounge please click here .

MSRP: $14.95

PROS: Cheap, Nice looking design, Easy to clean, Small.

CONS: Does not work with all cases, Needs to be cleaned with tape almost every time phone is removed from suction, Could be a bit longer height wise.


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