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I can not even begin to explain how much better a product made by hand, from a true artisan craftsman, feels when you’re using it versus a product mass produced in some gigantic factory.  Hand made artisan products just have a way of oozing quality.  Such is the case with everything that the Oberon Design company does.  I had the pleasure of experiencing this first hand when I reviewed their case for the iPad 2, so when they reached out to see if I’d be interested in checking out their offerings for the new iPad I gladly accepted.

I know a few case companies tried to produce their “new” iPad cases before the actual launch of the latest iPad.  Oberon however played it safe and smart.  They waited for the release and fine tuned their design so it would be perfect.

The result?  Read on to find out.

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The design I choose for my new iPad case is entitled “Hokusai Wave.”  It’s available in your choice of black, navy, sky blue, chocolate.  There are however, 16 total designs to choose from.  Let’s first talk about the leather itself.  Oberon uses a specially tanned product which offers each case it’s own unique look.  If you’ve ever owned anything made from authentic leather you probably have learned that imperfections are what make it so special and individual to you.

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Once you open the case for the first time you’ll find a set of instructions along with extra bungees (used to secure the case closed as well as keep the iPad locked inside.)

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To lock the iPad into the case Oberon offers a four point harness style system.  Three leather flaps are placed over the corners of your iPad while a final elastic strap secures the remaining corner.  The result is a tight fit and one which doesn’t feel as though your iPad will break free from, unless of course you want it to.  There’s also a new addition to this version of the case and that’s a sturdy leather coated bracket which further insures a proper fit.

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The four straps, which secure the iPad, do not interfere with the iPad’s screen in any way as they are limited to only touching the outer bezel.  You’ll have full access to your iPad’s screen and still be able to use any style screen shield, should you choose to do so.

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A beautiful pewter clasp combined with an elastic strap keep the case securely closed when you’re not using your iPad.  The leather Oberon uses is flat out some of the nicest I’ve ever felt.  It feels incredibly sturdy.  I’ve never felt a well worn saddle in person but I imagine that it feels something like it.  The leather feels strong too which makes it feels as though it’ll do a great job of protecting your iPad inside.  It also passes the “smell test”, code for, it smells awesome.

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Using a special, hidden strap you’re able to open the Oberon Cover and prop it up into a nice stand mode.  This makes the perfect position for watching movies or other media.

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The strap extends underneath the case and locks itself onto the pewter buckle for a secure fit.

You can also flip your iPad around and prop it into a nice ergonomic typing angle by wedging the front flap into the pewter clasp.

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When not in use the string can be tucked neatly inside a hidden compartment behind the iPad.

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The inside of the case’s front flap is lined with a soft, microfiber material.  This insures the screen of your iPad stays protected when the case is closed.

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Two pockets located at the bottom of the inside of the front flap can be used for storing business cards, notes or other documents.

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The design element of the case continues along the back flap and you’ll also find a generous cutout for the iPad’s rear facing camera.  You’ll also have full access to all of the other ports, buttons and controls on the iPad as well.

The Oberon Design “new” iPad Cover is just as beautiful as I remember the version for the iPad 2 being.  If you’re looking to add some style to your iPad and step away from the overcrowded market of plain, black, leather portfolio cases, you’re going to want to take a close look at Oberon Design.  The strong, sturdy leather will do a great job of keeping your iPad safely protected inside while the outside will offers a luxurious grip and intricate design which is sure to be a focal point.

You can see all of the new iPad case’s Oberon Design offers by visiting this page on the company’s web site.

MSRP:  $130

PROS:  Made in USA.  Luxurious leather.  Individual style.  Hand crafted.

CONS:  No sleep/awake feature.



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