Review: Belkin USB Plus 4-port Hub

Today, most consumers are able to effectively replace their desktop computers with laptops due to the advances in mobile technology. With the exception of high end machines, laptops currently contain powerful internals that allow even “prosumers” to have something to be excited about. However, if there is one downfall of the current state of laptops, it’s the need we still have to connect numerous peripherals to our machines. Sure, Apple introduced Thunderbolt technology, but it’s been in existance for over year with little to show for it: the scarce peripherals available are extremely expensive. The result is the ubiquity of USB hubs for consumers who need to connect multiple devices to their machine. It’s worth saying that not all USB hubs are created equally, so did the Belkin 4-port USB Plus hub stand apart from the rest?

Read on to find out.

The 4-port USB Plus hub is nicely designed, unlike many others currently in the market today. Touting an all-white design with a blue cable management accent to boot, this particular USB hub is far better looking than any other USB hub I’ve used before.

The cable management tool is a great addition that allows you to seamlessly manage the cables of your peripherals. For someone who absolutely despises clutter and cable messiness, this is a must. What’s more is that you can use the cable manager in two different fashions: one for organizing the cables you have plugged into the port itself, or to hold a cable fed from your computer that is ready to be plugged into another peripheral. Either way, the cable manager is a great tool for people who want a neat, organized desk.

I think one of the strongest features of the 4-port USB Plus hub is the placement of the USB 2.0 ports themselves: two are on the back of the device, and two are located on the top of the device for quick and easy access to flash drives, mouse dongles, etc. I choose to use the back ports for more permanent placements like my printer and an external hard drive, while using the two top ports for my Logitech K750/M325 dongle and a flash drive.

The bottom of the 4-port USB hub features a weight that will ensure that the device won’t slip around when you’ve got multiple cables plugged into it. I’ve found that this works most of the time, but if you have a cable that’s bent at a particular angle or length, the device will move. It’s important to remember this is a USB hub, not a paper weight, however. Moreover, the hub features a rubberized bottom, granting your wishes for a truly slip-free experience.

Another great feature of the 4-port USB hub is the fact that most devices you plug into it can be powered via your computer. Belkin includes a white USB cable to plug into your computer, which is decent in length, but not the longest. If you were looking to permanently mount the hub somewhere, say, under your desk, you should consider buying a different, longer cable. Furthermore, Belkin includes a power adapter for when you plug in power-demanding devices, such as a USB mixer or microphone, etc.

My experience with the Belkin USB Plus Hub has been pleasant. It’s the perfect solution for someone looking to connect more devices than most current laptops allow. While a longer cable would have been nice for permanent mounting and perhaps making the product a tad bit heavier, the design is unrivaled amongst most other USB hubs; this thing will fit nicely with an Apple-centric desk. At $29.99, I think the Belkin USB Plus Hub is a fantastic option for just about any consumer.

You can check out the product on Belkin’s website.

MSRP: $29.99

PROS: Great design and functionality.

CONS: A longer cable would have been nice, will slip around sometimes.


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  • lgreenberg

    I’ve had this same hub for a while and think it’s great. I actually gave it to my wife and I moved up to one of Belkin’s 7 port hubs. This one is nice and small and perfect for a desk that’s lacking space.