Review: Crimson Case Anti-Glare Screen Shield for MacBook Air 11″

The MacBook Air that was refreshed this year was met with nearly unanimous praise from consumers. Apple seemed to really cover all of its bases with the release by introducing the new 11″ size, backlit keyboard, and a wider array of storage options. Moreover, they were able to offer all of those great features for the $999 price point, making it the cheapest Apple laptop available. However, while the screen resolution of the MacBook Air is great, the screen itself lacks the customizable options that the Pro possesses: high resolution, anti-glare, or both. Thankfully, Crimson Case is here for the rescue with their Anti-Glare Premium Screen Shield of the MacBook Air.

The Anti-Glare Screen Shield from Crimson Case (herein referred to just as “AG”) comes in the same phenomenal packaging I’ve come to expect from Crimson Case. The packaging is simply attractive, easy to understand, and leads you right to what you want to know. I love seeing this kind of thing from companies.

The contents of the AG screen shield are simple: instructions for installation, a crimson red microfiber cloth, and the screen shield itself. The instructions are pretty straightforward and follow precedents set forth by just about every dry application screen shield since the beginning of time. Simply peel back the backing of the screen shield, align, and pick off any dust particles along the way.

Application wasn’t as bad as I was fearing for something so big (11″). While there were times when I had to completely take off the screen and start over. However, I was eventually able to succeed with great results.

The satisfaction that results from buying a screen shield is, of course, its performance. I’m glad to say that the Crimson Case AG screen shield doesn’t disappoint. It greatly reduces the glare of light that strikes the screen and provides a pleasant reading experience. The only thing I found that differed from the advertising on the packaging was that the readability of the screen wasn’t enhanced as was said on the packaging.

I’m sure this is a matter of preference, but it may have slightly degraded screen quality. Unfortunately, you can’t portray that sort of thing through a photo of the screen shield itself. Of course, there are trade offs to be had with adding features that aren’t present on the current MacBook Air screen.

It’s completely up to you to decide if you are willing to sacrifice a little screen quality (seriously, a little) for the ability to work outside or in well lit areas. I think it’s a fair tradeoff, and one that Crimson Case capitalizes on greatly. You can check out the Crimson Case Anti-Glare screen shield on their website for $29.95.

MSRP: $29.95

PROS: Great quality and features.

CONS: Does degrade screen quality ever so slightly.



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