Review: Survival Straps Light Duty Survival Bracelet

I’ve posted about my love of Survival Straps before.  The company, which is based in the US, not only makes a really high-quality product but also does a ton to support the men and women who serve in our country’s armed forces.  I’ve owned several Survival Straps before, all of which were the traditional regular size with the company’s original steel clasp.  A few months ago Survival Straps introduced a new steel clasp for their bracelets which allows the wearer to adjust the fit to one of three different positions. They also added a “light duty” version of their popular survival bracelet as well.  Well, those two features were enough for me – so last week I went ahead and ordered up one.  Then a few days after I’d received it I went ahead and ordered another.  Yeah, I like the new version that much.

Read on for more.

If you’re still not familiar with what Survival Straps does let me tell you again.  The company makes a wide variety of items, in addition to their survival bracelets (watch bands, belts, dog collars, lanyards, key chains and more) all out of military spec 550 paracord.  If you’re ever in an emergency situation where you need paracord (believe me, they come up – if you don’t believe me you’ll want to check out the stories page on the company’s web site) you can deploy the bracelet, or whatever item you choose into several feet (depending on the item you choose and length) of usable paracord.  What’s even cooler about this is that if you do ever end up having to use your paracord Survival Straps will replace your item for free.

The light duty bracelet is about half the thickness of the original regular version.  I don’t have what I’d call small wrists but I did find the regular size to be quite thick for every day wear.  The newer, light duty thickness is the company’s thinest, and lightest Survival Strap yet.  It measures in at only 1/2″ wide.  I find it much more comfortable to wear for long periods of time.  So comfortable in fact I see virtually no reason to ever take it off – unless of course it’s need for an emergency.

The light duty version however is more about fashion and less about function.  In order to achieve the lighter strap Survival Straps removes the inner strands from the paracord and builds the bracelets with the outer sheath of the paracord only.  Instead of the 550 pounds you get with the regular straps removing the inner strands takes the cord down to about 200 pound test.  Still very useful, but not as strong as the full paracord.

The new, adjustable clasp allows for three different positions.  This is really nice.  When you first receive the bracelet you’ll probably find it’s a little large.  The bracelets are made based on the wrist measurements you provide.  The material can be shrunk with hot water and I found that if I left my regular strap on 24/7 it eventually became tight.  I ended up having to go up a size and then found it too big.  With the new, adjustable clasp the bracelets fits perfectly right out of the box and if it does shrink there’s room to expand it.  If I need it tighter I can move the clasp down too.  If you’d rather not have a metal clasp you can opt for a plastic, slide release buckle instead.

The bracelet also now includes a break away pin.  This can be substituted for the steel pin included with the strap.  If you’re going to be in an active situation you can swap out the pins.  This way if your strap gets caught on something the pin is meant to break away when significant force is applied.  Its strong enough to be used for daily use but I prefer the steel clasp.

Perhaps the toughest part about Survival Straps is deciding which color combination you want.  There are 50,000 different combinations from which to choose from.  For the bracelet you’ll select an outer color, and inner color and an optional center line, which is a piece of paracord that runs the length of the bracelet and does not affect the center or edge cords is also available.  If you choose the same color for the inside and the edge, your SurvivalStrap will be built with one continuous piece of paracord. If you choose a different color for the inside and the edge, your SurvivalStrap will be built with 2 pieces of paracord that are almost equal in length.

While it might be true that you can learn to make paracord items yourself I want you to remember one thing.  A portion of every purchase from the Survival Straps website goes towards our support for our nations heroes.  The company has always been a huge supporter of our troops who serve in harms way and they recently unveiled an entire line which helpt benefit the Wounded Warrior Project.  So while you might be able to find items like these cheaper you won’t find a company who makes them of this quality or one who does so much to support our troops.

In the wake of what happened to 31 U.S. Serviceman yesterday in Afghanistan there is no better time than the present to support our troops.

You can learn more about Survival Straps and see the wide range of paracord items they make by visiting the company’s web site here.

MSRP:  Light Duty – $37.80 (as reviewed)

PROS:  Light weight, thin, tons of colors, adjustable clasp, made in USA, helps men & women of armed forces.

CONS:  Light Duty version not as strong as regular.


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  • Manuel

    That looks like a great product and anything to support our troops, I’m all for it. Thanks for the review.

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  • Josh Gianni

    Ever since the last review, I’ve been meaning to pick one of these up. Personally I like this smaller version a little better and its for a great to support the troops.

  • Matellica_84_2000

    where can i find the breakaway clasp used here, please let me know, thank you.

  • AuntieJo

    Thanks for all of the info regarding the survival straps…I just ordered one for Medical purposes as I’m allergic to Penicillin and Sulfa, also had enough room to add my Dr and ICE info. Will let you know how I rate it for a “rookie.”