Review: Belkin Matte Screen Protectors for iPad 2

Screen Protectors are a dime a dozen.  There are so many brands and types to choose from that you may be confused as to which one to buy. Belkin has come out with their own version of the screen protector and it’s in the anti-glare form. So do they provide great protection or are they just forgettable?

Read on to find out.

Inside the packaging you’ll find 2 screen protectors along with a small microfiber wipe and squeegee card for installation. As far as putting on the screen protector the best way is to peel up the protective layer to just above the home button and align the bottom portion. Once that’s done simply peel the rest of the backing off and squeeze out any remaining bubbles.

If you get it aligned just right you’ll notice that it lines up with the front camera and home button very well and leaves just a very little bit of the bezel exposed. Responsiveness is unhindered as well over the naked screen. I never found it to be less responsive in any circumstances.

The feel of the screen protector is very similar to other matte finish shields because it has a bit of a “sandy” feel. It does what it says it does though by cutting down on the glare. While it’s not fully eliminated there’s very little and even in direct sunlight it was easy to see the screen. One problem though is the fingerprints. Matte screen protectors usually don’t get fingerprinted or greasy  but this one does.  After a few hours of use it gets smudged up and looks dirty. If this were a crystal protector I wouldn’t have much of an issue but one of the appealing points of matte shields is that they normally cut down on fingerprints.

Durability of the screen protector is a strong point. I’ve had this screen protector installed on my iPad 2 for one and a half months and there’s no problems with scuffing, lifting, or any damage to the shield. It’s held up nicely and still looks just as nice as it did the day I installed it. I even rubbed my car key on the surface to see if it had any effect and the protector came out unharmed.

But beyond anything else the biggest flaw for me with these particular screen protectors is the price. At $40 in my opinion, it’s simply too much for a screen protection kit. It is much more reasonable at Amazon and some stores (I personally got mine at Fry’s Electronics for $20), but going with the list price, it’s just not worth that much.

Overall the Belkin Matte Overlay screen protectors offer nice protection while cutting out glare. They install easily and last long too. But overshadowing its upside is the large pricetag. Personally while I think these are great protectors I can’t find myself ever spending $4o on them and until Belkin lowers the price it’s just not worth it.  No scree protector is.  However, if you can find them at a lower cost like I did – go for it.

You can learn more about this product here.

MSRP: $39.99

PROS: Protects screen, reduces glare, durable.

CONS: Overpriced, attracts fingerprints.


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