The one thing I wanted in iOS 5 Email… I don’t see..

In case you have been living under a rock the past week on June 6th Apple held its annual WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference) in San Francisco. Like many of the Apple keynote addresses this one was filled with many ooo’s, aaaahhh’s, clapping and whistling. We have come to expect big things from all the rumors we hear in the weeks or months before the event. After sitting down and watching the keynote all the way through I am impressed with all the new features brought to iOS5. The one thing I was looking forward to seeing were the updates made to the mail application.

Something I have always wanted to be able to do is add an attachment/pic after an email is already typed. You don’t normally start a desktop email with an attachment/pic first. When you send an SMS you can add it in the message at any time. I’m not sure how this keeps getting over looked, but since there are over 200 new features maybe this one will arrive at some point during iOS5 beta testing. Can it really be that difficult to add?

In previewing the new iOS 5 mail app Scott Forstall did showed us some useful additions to something that is pretty useful already.

Read on….

Just a few of the new functions added are:

Rich text Formatting, which allows for BOLD, ITALICS & UNDERLINE .

Indentation Control:

This gives you the ability to move a link… Not sure why this is needed? Anyone?

Draggable addresses ( Speaks for it self).

Flag Messages:

Have any important emails that need to be addressed?

Search the Entire content of your messages:

Need to find a specific part of a message?

So those are just some of the features in the new iOS 5 mail application which were covered during the WWDC keynote address. I am sure we will see much more in the coming months since the release date of iOS5 isn’t until the Fall. That could mean as late as November or December based on how happy they are with the beta testing.

Let’s hope it goes well and we can all enjoy it sooner.


Michael Panetta can also be found on YouTube where he conducts video reviews on all products related to Tech with a bit of humor. His passion for electronics drew him into to the tech community. He often can be found talking, tweeting and writing about tech.

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  • lgreenberg

    I totally miss this feature too. The only way I see around it is using copy/paste. If you type an e-mail, then exit to the photos app, select a photo, and tap and hold you can copy it. Then head back to the email and tap and hold in the message, then select paste. Not the best solution but it works. I don’t understand why they don’t just put a “insert attachment” button down in the lower tool bar.

  • Anonymous

    How about helping them to write one.

    • Mtpflyers

      I wish I could… That would be awesome..

  • Jim Gibson

    I might be missing something here, but I do this in Mail all the time. If you want to add a photo from iPhoto, just open the Photo Browser and drag it in. But the way I usually do this is to simply drag anything from the desktop into the body of the email. By doing that you can attach any file to the email at any time.

    • lgreenberg

      Jim – I think you’re referring to doing this on your desktop where as Mike wants to do it on the iPhone.

  • Sam Kass

    The problem with adding attachments after the fact on the iPhone is that apps do not have access to each others’ files. Thus, the Photo app or whatever can send something to the Email app, but the Email app can’t pull content from the Photo app. It’s a security thing which as a side effect causes some of the interactions to change. Maybe this will all change soon now that things have gotten iCloudy.

  • Anonymous

    Thank and you can finally Mark As Read / Mark As Unread multiple messages! It’s only taken them what, four years?

  • Adam Holt

    Yes, I'd like this feature in Mail as well #iOS #iPhone

  • The AppHole

    RT @TheAdamHolt Yes, I'd like this feature in Mail as well #iOS #iPhone