Hawaii 5-0: iPhone 4 & Voice Notes Used to Document Crime Scene

What do you do when you’re stranded in the middle of the Hawaiian rain forest, with a broken arm, laying next to a homicide victim?  If you’re Commander Steve McGarrett from the new CBS hit Hawaii 5-0 you use your trusty iPhone 4 and the voice notes application to document the murder scene while your partner runs up a mountain in search of a cell signal so he can call in a rescue helicopter.

Here’s how it all went down.  The opening of the show featured McGarrett and his partner Danno on a hike deep in the mountains.  When they reach their destination, a spot littered with ancient Hawaiian petroglyphs, McGarrett sees a body at the base of the cliff they are standing on.  He proceeds to repel down to investigate.  On the way back up he suffers a bad fall and breaks his arm.  While Danno goes for help McGarrett breaks out his iPhone 4 (which seems to be featured in the show every week in some way) and uses the voice recorder app to take notes about the murder victim while he waits.  Because, hey, what else would a person do while stuck in the forest, with a banged up arm, all alone, while he waits?

Makes total sense to me.


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