Convert Your Old Mix Tapes To Mp3

If you grew up in the 80s I can almost guarantee you had at least one – or made at least one.  The Mix Tape.  Usually made for that special someone the cassette tape included a mixture of songs that reminded you of the person.  Boyfriends gave them to girlfriends, girlfriends to boyfriends etc. and they held a special place in our Walkmen or in our car tape players (yes, back then cars had tape players not CD players).  Do you still have one of these tapes stashed away?  I wish I’d kept one – but I didn’t.  If you did you probably don’t have a way to play the tape – cassette players are hard to find these days.  Thanks to this nifty device from Thanko you can get your old mix tapes back into your current music rotation.

The Cassette Mate, which sells for $30, takes your old cassette tapes and converts them into Mp3 format.  You simply insert your tape into the device and then plug it into your computer.  Once you run the software all your old tapes will appear converted into Mp3 format on your computer – you can even choose to split up the tracks if you wish.  You can grab the Cassette Mate here.

Via CrunchGear via Ubergizmo.


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